I know that Twilight of the gods is a mistranslation, but it fit the story more....I heart poetic license! Anyhoo, this story is a little...Erm, bloodthirsty, if you get my Sorry if it seems a bit rushed, it had to fit a certain number of pages....hint: Language Arts assignment

As the Maiden of the Realm of the Dead, she is considered an evil goddess by many of the Norsemen. Half of her is the appearance of a maiden fair, with sky blue eyes and ivory skin. But the other half, the half more akin to her soul, is that of a rotting corpse. Hidden beneath those clear blue eyes, is a horrible roiling fire of pure malice and hatred. Should you die of old age, sickness, or by your own hand, your soul will suffer in her hated realm, Helhaim, for all eternity. It is she who laughs with terrible joy at pain and hatred. It is she, Queen of the Dead.

It was a dark, dank day in Helheim, when a richly apparalled man appeared. Wearing cerulean-dyed fur-trimmed leather, he calmly stood there for a few minutes, and then let loose a small sigh. "Hel?" he called out inquiringly, raven's wing eyes probing the shadows. Hel stepped out, her amethyst gown flowing gently behind her, the bottom of it rippling in pools on the ground. "Loki," she said, concern wrinkling her forehead, "Why are you here?" Loki sighed, and brushed blonde hair away from his eyes. "I have come to warn you, daughter, for Odin is coming."

At that moment, a voice as deep and as resonating as thunder called out, "Step aside Loki, son of the giant Farbauti. Our business is with the Queen of the Dead, not you." With that proclamation, a towering man with ruddy skin, a bristling red beard, and hefting a might hammer, Mjolner, perambulated out of the mist. "Thor," Loki hissed, years of rivalry and hatred emerging in that one name.
"Loki," Thor replied, the same menace in his voice. "Step aside." When Loki stubbornly refused, Thor shoved him aside, and faced Hel.
"Hel, Queen of Helheim, daughter of Loki and Angurboda, you have committed a grievous crime. You killed Iduna, and have hidden away the apples which keep us gods and goddesses youthful. Do you confess to this crime?"

A wicked sneer crossed Hel's face. "Yes, and with all pride, for that snivelling good-for-nothing Iduna's time was up." A look of shock graced Thor's face briefly, but he swiftly stifled it. Just then, an old and wizened man, boasting a fluffy white beard, glittering eyes, and grasping a mighty spear, the spear being called Grungir, stepped forward. Standing regally beside him was a stately woman, with red-gold hair cascading down to her shoulders, and sparkling amethyst eyes. She wore a dress of deepest midnight blue that flowed down around her feet. It was Odin and Frigga, king and queen of the Aesir.

"Then you will come peacefully with us, to have your fate discussed and decided by all of the Aesir." Odin announced, and one of his ravens, Munin, cawed out happily from his shoulder. A look of horror crossed Loki's face. "No," he whispered, his face rapidly paling. "I will not let you take my daughter to be killed." He firmly stepped in front of Hel.
"Loki, stop being a fool. You know as well as I do that she deserves to die." Hissed Frigga, cruelty glittering in her eyes, and a smile crept across her features.
"Agree or disagree, Loki, she is coming with us. Do not make me force you." Thor cried out, gripping Mjolner ever tighter.
"Then do what you must, for if this is my fate, then it will soon come to pass." Loki whispered.
Face reddening in anger, Thor howled, "Then so be it! Many giants have Mjolner slain, and long has it lusted for your blood!" With that, the mighty hammer Mjolner descended, and clouted Loki's head with a fearsome blow. Mixing with Loki's death scream, peals of laughter, hardly more than a whisper, rang out.

But Hel heard, and saw, Frigga, her shoulders shaking with silent laughter. "You!" Hel cried, voice full of hatred. "You brought this upon us!" Before any of the other gods had a chance to react, Hel leapt over her father's rapidly cooling corpse, and landed in front of Frigga. "I-" was all Frigga had time to say, before Hel cut her off, screaming, "You are the cause of all my pain, feel it now returning to you!" Frigga, frightened now, turned and began to run, her hair streaming behind her. Whipping a knife out of the folds of her robe, Hel sprang after her, and plunged it up to the hilt into Frigga's neck. "No!" Odin cried out, as his wife's body crumpled to the ground. Screeching, Munin flew from Odin's shoulder, and spiraled up into the black mists.

As Loki, Frigga, and Hel were laid out on the pyre, a lady with sking so light it looked white watched over. It was Skadi, and she watched with ice blue eyes, her pale blue hair framed by a wolfskin hood and outer cloak, as the flames rose into the sky.

i " Svo það er , og svo það vilja vera. Og svo Ragnarok the Rökkur af the Efstu svalir guð almáttugur , byrja " /i

i "So it is, and so it will be. And so Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, begins." /i