The Fountain

I've got to find the Fountain of Youth.

Has anyone noticed how life seems to be getting shorter and shorter? Our "prime years" went from the 40s, to the 30s, and now down to the 20s. We now spend out earlier years yearning to reach adulthood; to finally be old enough to go out and finally live, only to find out that our "life" lasts ten short years – sometimes less.

I mean, come on! We live an 80- to 90-year life span. Why does it have to end at our late twenties? We've just gotten a glimpse of freedom, fun and fantasy, just to have it snatched away. We can only have fun until our late twenties, early thirties before we're labeled as hideously old.

Since whendid 30 out of a possible 100 get to be such a large number?

Perhaps the Fountain of Youth is drying up, and there's just not enough to last us as long as we'd like it to. If our "prime age" keeps reducing at this rate, we'll be at our sexiest while we're ten.

I've got to find the Fountain of Youth. I've got to fill it back up before it dries up completely.