A/N: This Chapter has some things in it different from the first. Note that words in between the in Italics,is Raven using his psychic abilities

Chapter Two

Raven watched the aged television with disgust. The mayor simply felt it was necessary to show the whole city the horrible events that took place that afternoon.

"Now...for the four hundredth and thirty-seventh time, we will show the bomber children explode," The extremely exhausted sounding reporter said. Raven looked over at the clock that hang overhead. It said three o'clock in the morning. He couldn't believe that The Mayor would have the news stations show the brutal suicide of five children over and over again, but then again he wasn't a normal Mayor.

"It's so ridiculous...," mumbled as he took a sip from his Mr. Orvolo soda pop. He paused for a moment when he thought he heard a noise from outside. He got up from the dark brown tattered sofa to walk over to the dirty window. He looked down on the black brick street to investigate the sound. He saw nothing. Raven then turned and began to walk back to his old sofa when he heard the noise again. It sounded like a weird metal scrapping against concrete. Vincent then emerged from his bedroom and gave the window a suspicious look.

"You heard it too?" Vincent asked his partner as he made his way to the window. What he saw brought so emotion that he found it difficult to suppress the small growl that escaped his lips. "Dammit....its..."

"Jon Der Jouster!" roared Jon Der Jouster as his emerald green joust came crashing through the window knocking Vincent across the room. Raven jumped skillfully away.

"Jon Der Jouster...only you could be so theatrical upon entering," Raven spat as he glanced over at Vincent who wasn't getting up. He dived into his partner's mind.

What's wrong Vince? Vincent tried to stir but could not.

I dunno Rav, there's like something holding me down, I can't move, I can't speak...I can't do anything

Jon Der Jouster started laughing horribly once he realized that Raven realized that Vincent realized that he was paralyzed.

"Ha, v'at a v'arm v'elcome," The very large man said in his thick German accent. Raven's face scrunched up at the foul smell sour kraut.

"I do propose that you brush you teeth...that stench will give off your presence," Raven said curtly. Jon Der Jouster growled and raised his emerald green joist. Jon Der Joister was a member of the Team Of Merciless Villains and had been since he had began. He was a large man, would turn heads all the time if her were to dwell in the public eye. He wore emerald glass armor that seemed to block anything that touched it, Raven's guess was that it was enchanted. His face, however was not covered. He was a black man, in his late thirties perhaps, had short bright green hair that seemed to go perfectly with his whole attire.

"Sie Abschaum, Zeit, zu sterben!" he bellowed. Raven watched dully as the large man raised his joust and noticed that the joust had small but very visible schwatzticas on it. Raven dodged the huge emerald green joist as it came crashing down on the floor. It then continued to go through the floor and entered the room under them. Raven suddenly heard a short scream that stopped unnaturally.

"What have you done?!" Raven yelled as he used his powers ti push the large man across the room. The joist still stood there, deep within the floor. Raven pulled it out with his mind powers and pointed it at it's owner. The tip had large amounts of blood on it. Raven new who its victim was, but decided to grieve later.

"Keiner von Ihrem Gott verdammt Geschäft!" spat as he stood, head almost touching the ceiling.

"I'm afraid it is my god damned business," Raven said calmly, using his powers to read the large man's mind to translate what he said, still pointing the joust at Jon Der Joister. The large man eyes shot from Raven's face to his own joist that floated in midair smiling brightly, not moving from where he stood.

"You z'hink I'm av'raid, nothing can penetrate through z'his armor, nothing," Jon Der Joister said menacingly. Raven's eyes narrowed. He looked at the joist that he now controlled. He noticed that it was made of the same glass like substance the large man wore. He suddenly got an idea and knew if his theory was in fact true, he would have no problem defeating the large German. But first things first, he knew that he was sent by The Team of Merciless Villains, but Raven would like to know why, though he could guess why.

"So...tell me, since I'm so defenseless, you clearly having the upper hand, why have you bothered us this early in the morning?" Raven asked with his voice even. Jon Der Joister scoffed and then threw back his head in laughter.

"Why of course, the Team Of Merciless Villains have sent me to put an end to your annoying butting in, in T.O.M.V. affairs,"

"That's it?" Raven asked, blinking.

"V'hy yes, yous are very troublesome," Disappointed that the German didn't give him any information that he hadn't already assumed, he sent the joist shooting through the air. Before Jon Der Joister could think, his own joist came crashing into him, breaking through the "unbreakable" armor. He tried to pull out the joist but unfortunately...or rather fortunate for Raven and paralyzed Vincent the poison had already effected him. Raven sent the Joist crushing deeper into the large man. Though the man did not speak, Raven could see the anguish in his eyes. After stabbing the joist completely through Jon Der Joister and almost through the wall, Raven finally let go of it and let Jon Der Joister sit there in agony, his own joist impaled him.

"Not talking too much now," Raven mumbled as he walked over to Vincent.

Do you feel it wearing off at all?

Vincent nodded his head and Raven smiled. It seemed as though the more Jon Der Jouster drifted off to death, the more Vincent could move. Finally when the large man exhaled once more, Vincent's body was fully functional.

"Wow...well, that was not pleasant," Vincent said, stretching his arms and legs out.

"Yeah, but at lea-," Raven said, suddenly cut off by a horrible, horrible cackle.

"Outside the door," Vincent whispered as he pushed Raven on the other side of the door. They stood there and waited for what they knew would be a nasty fight. Another horrible cackle was heard and then followed by other small cackles that sounded high pitched and squeaky compared to the first. The black door of the apartment flew open to reveal a tall skinny man dressed in a extremely tight, bright glittering jumpsuit. He also wore very high heeled stiletto shoes that matched his jumpsuit's color. Then, finally, to the mask, it was a marble white masquerade mask that sparkled proudly. It's current facial expression: Extremely happy.

"HE HE, so, we meet again!" The Bomber yelled.

"Oh my, what a surprise," Vincent said sarcastically as he put up his fists. The Bomber leaned forward laughing so far that Vincent thought he may fall over. Raven traveled with The Bombers hands as the clenched his stomach, apparently bracing himself from the laughter that was overtaking his bodily. His eyes quickly tore away from his hands to fall upon the five younglings that stood behind the laughing man....or...whatever he was. He quickly had a flashback of the afternoon before.

Vince, we must safe these ones...I can't bare to know we could

Yes, I know Raven

Suddenly, quicker than anything the duo had ever seen, The Bomber threw something at them. He raised his white gloved hand to his face; the children did the same.

"HE HE, bottle rockets!" The Bomber howled. There was two bottle rockets that laid out before them. At a glance they looked like normal bottle rockets, but Vincent and Raven knew better than to underestimate The Bomber. The Bomber and the small children behind him howled with laughter once more and then bowed. Suddenly the rockets exploded and sent a strange green net on each one of them, pinning them to the ground forcibly. Vincent struggled against the net and Raven tried to use his powers to release himself from it, but none worked.

That's a special net

Yes it is

To hold you down

That it does

Struggle, Struggle

Try, Try

Better escape or you'll die!

The small children sang behind The Bomber. Vincent leaned his head to get a good view of The Bomber. He seemed to be holding a small white puppy. It was very furry and oh so cute. The Bomber sat it down on the floor and stepped back out of the apartment.

"Bye, Bye, hope you die die!" Vincent and Raven looked at each other in puzzlement. As if The Bomber noticed their confusion, he turned to the kids, whispered to them and then they left. Vincent and Raven listened as they heard the children stomp down the stairs and wondered why no one in the entire apartment came out to investigate, but then thinking about how dark the times were, they could understand why they would stay in the safety of their homes.

The Bomber then got so close to Raven's face that it looked as if they were going to kiss. Raven expected to smell something foul like he did from Jon Der Jouster, but instead he was welcomed to the pleasant smell of spring flowers. He closed his eyes and took the smell in, smiling. He then realized that he had thought of The Bomber and something pleasant having something in common and knew that he must be going insane. So to prove, mostly to himself that he wasn't going insane, he gave the hardest scowl he could ever remember giving anyone...maybe that one time Vincent washed his colors with the whites and turned all his underwear pink...but anyway, it was a hard scowl.

"Just to let you guys know...I was running low on children so....," the Bomber said in a unnaturally normal sounding voice, looking over at the dog and then back at Raven, " So I had to use this old lady's little doggie instead, isn't he so cute," The dog barked, and it's tail wagged happily. "Too bad its insides are going to be all over these walls eh?" Raven's eyes widened and he tried to say something, but nothing came out.

"Take care of my doggie, wouldn't want to feel guilty if the old lady asks about it and I have to tell her that you had taken very bad care of it," The Bomber gave another HEHE and then strutted out of the door, closing it behind him.