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He was right where he said he'd be. Right there, in front of the fountain at the center of the crowded city square. And he was wearing what he said he'd be wearing; regular black jeans, a red T-shirt, a cap, and sunglasses.

Kiyoshi couldn't believe this was happening. He walked up to the man, who told him earlier on the phone his name was Mamoru.

"Nice day today," said Kiyoshi.

"Nice only for the birds to fly," said Mamoru.

"You don't need to look down on life like that," said Kiyoshi. This is the stupidest code I've ever heard of, he though.

Mamoru nodded once. "Follow me," he said. He led him away from the square of crowded demons. As they were walking, Kiyoshi could see that Mamoru was some kind of dog or wolf demon, with long, black hair, fair skin, and a black tail and dog/wolf ears. He couldn't see the color of his eyes because of the sunglasses.

They had been walking silently for 15 minutes and Kiyoshi was getting anxious; they had walked into a bad neighborhood. Was this a trick? Was he being kidnapped? Was Mamoru some sort serial killer?

"Um…are you sure the headquarters are here?" he finally asked.

"Shh, not here," he whispered, barely moving his lips. Kiyoshi swallowed.

After another 15 minutes they finally arrived at an old, rundown building with boarded up windows and worn paint. There were a lot of cats here.

Kiyoshi followed Mamoru to the side of the building, where there was a door. Mamoru knocked the door in a peculiar order and it opened. They went onside, Kiyoshi still feeling quite apprehensive. The fact that no one was behind the door did little to comfort him.

"It's electronic," said Mamoru as the door closed behind them. "The leader put the headquarters in a supposedly abandoned building within a bad neighborhood so that people wouldn't want to come here," he continued, removing his cap and sunglasses. He had blue eyes. "Not that we don't have high security. We just don't want people getting curious, you know." He began walking down the hallway. Kiyoshi followed.

"So…this is SPOTA headquarters?" he asked, looking around him.


Kiyoshi was still feeling nervous. The hallway was the same as the building; shabby and decaying. Kiyoshi thought that the headquarters for the world's most advanced anti-terrorist league to be a little more…well…modern.

"So tell me about your leader," he said, wondering whether or not he should just scream his head off and run out of there.

"Oh, he's brilliant," said Mamoru with pride in his voice. "SPOTA was his idea. He somehow got the money and founded it. Then he gathered some of the country's strongest demons." They began to climb a flight of stairs. Kiyoshi was afraid they'd collapse, they were so old. "And yet somehow he's still the strongest demon here," continued Mamoru, as they walked through the hallway of the 3rd floor. "But…"


"Well, I should warn you." His voice sounded uneasy now. "He's a little…" he poked his temple with his finger to indicate "crazy."

"Oh…" Wonderful. I'm in a crazy person's headquarters. "So what's his name?"

"We don't know his real name. He just calls himself Koneko, because he's a cat demon. Come to think of it, there are some rumors that even he doesn't remember his own name."

"Hm," said Kiyoshi, wishing more and more that he hadn't come. I'm in a house with serial killers, I just know it.

"They say he went through some horrible experience a few years ago and lost all his memories."

"Why would anyone think that?"

"Well, his whole body is covered in scars. Many of us believe he may have been tortured, but don't mention that to him. He'll get upset. Ah, here we go." They reached a door, and Mamoru knocked again in a weird order.

Crazy, scars, can't even remember his own name…what am I thinking? If he wasn't so nervous, he'd be wondering how such a man could be responsible for creating this amazing organization.

The room was not what Kiyoshi was expecting. It looked completely new and sterile. There was a huge long table in the center with comfortable chairs all around it. Most of the chairs were occupied by ordinary-looking demons. Some turned their heads to look at Kiyoshi and Mamoru as they walked in, while others were watching a television set at the end of the room.

"Why is there a TV set?" asked Kiyoshi.

"We have it to keep up with the news," said Mamoru as the commercials came on.

"Ah. Of course."

Suddenly and without warning, Kiyoshi heard 3 gunshots from behind him. He jumped and looked around.

The person who fired those shots looked no older than 15. He had the yellow eyes of a cat demon, plus brown ears and a tail that matched his hair. He also had a deep scar running down the left side of his face, and his neck was scarred as well. The rest of his skin was covered up. He had this serious look in his eyes like he had just murdered someone and didn't regret it.

"I hate that commercial," he said, putting his gun back in his belt. Kiyoshi turned his head to see who was shot and almost fell over in shock. The cat demon had shot the TV set.

"How many times," he continued, no longer looking serious, but now with slight madness in his voice, "have I told you guys to turn it off when that commercial came on?" He walked towards a seat at the end of the table.

All of the demons stared at the young demon with disbelief. "Lord Koneko…" said one of them, unable to finish his sentence. Kiyoshi also stared at the kid. Was this the founder of the Society for the Prevention of Terrorist Attacks?

"Why are all you guys staring at me like I'm psychotic?" said Koneko, sitting down. "Jeez, sometimes I'm under the impression that you're all terrified of me or something…anyway, so who's our guest?"

"Um…" said Mamoru. "This is Kiyoshi. He-"

"Is he here to fix the TV?"

All the demons sweatdropped.

"I meant the TV in my office!" exclaimed Koneko. "Jeez!"

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