A demon's bliss

Skeletal kiss

Trembling sigh

Hands on a thigh

Let temptation take it's toll

Heats are swirling 'round me

Drowning me in passion's fire

A sweet caress that makes me quiver

I'm lost in my desire

Hold me.
Beat me.
Feel me.

Complete me.

Make me part of who you are

You need me.

You want me.

To feel me.

Complete me.

I'll pull you down into my fire!

You can't resist temptation

I see the sparks within your eyes

The fires have destorted you

You're caught up deep within the lies

I'm everything you've ever wanted

Now that I'm buried in your mind

Give in to our new wishes

Help complete the bind

Hold me

Beat me

Feel me

Complete me

Make me part of who you are

You need me
You want me
To feel me
Complete me

I've pulled you down into my fire

Give in to the demon's desire! (Give in to the demon's desire)