There is some truth in my madness

I don't know why

I cry

But there's some truth

In my madness

You still cry

Even though you don't mind

Making me

Feel bad

About my world

And me

You don't cry the same way

The tears are true in my eyes

I run away from you

But I don't where to hide

These tears are for real

And my eyes don't overflow for no reason

There's some truth in my madness

A method we all know

I try to run away

But my fears still show.

I fall away

I slip from every dream I pray

And then I fall

Into the world how I know it no more

The places I have come to see

Sink beyond my oblivion

I don't know why I cry

But I do

And I know that you do to

The tears that come from my eyes

Are tears that will be found one day?

Among the rivers flowing your way

And I know that some time ill see your face

And then ill know

What true love can be?