I penned this song after visiting a stockyard in Southeast Oklahoma. There's a plaque to a fallen rider there. I could have written about the rider, but there was a movie about him already- and at least one country song. So I wrote about a fictional rodeo toro instead. This is no Spyware and Porn, but the words flow surprisingly well when set to rockabilly music. This song is of course not only inspired by the atmosphere of the rodeo and cowboy life, but by one of my favorite songs, Sting's Munificent Seven. Forgive the improper Spanish punctuation.

El Sol twelve high
Stockyard cattle lie
Guachos my left and right
Man exhibits a sight
El Toro, Crimson Night

Crimson's no pollo,Him and rider mano-a-mano
All beefed up,once snapped a bolo
For a time he mapped the west
living solo

Since fed steroid comida
Buen Provecho!

Could eat city boy at breakfas con arroz y soy.
Living, breathing, running, thinking, Titan being!
Better stick to your barroom mechanical toy.

Adonde vamos?
The cowboys and bulls lock horns in a rodeo fight tonight!

Lavo El Sol, ahora la noche, la noche
No rider fell under his feet, but still they fell.

In under eight seconds,witnessed the crowd from a complex of seats shaped as abowl.

That bull was swell!