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Title – Intertwined Destinies

Summary: Kyne, high school student finds himself in Eterra, a world full of magic and danger. Ark is a reckless adventurer who loves to fight, when this two meet a friendship is formed. Now they'll have to fight together in order to send Kyne home. But will they succeed?

Rating: PG-13- for slight language, adult themes, topics of sexuality, blood, gore and violence. Yaoi/shonen ai on certain chapters

Category: Manga Action/Adventure/Humor

Chapter 5

Vengeance is sweeter in the night

Kyne's POV

Morning came and when I opened my eyes all the events from the previous night came flowing back to me. The kid was still asleep but Ark was nowhere to be found and this worried me a little. I walked to his bed and found a note.

Yo Kyne!

I went to get some info. on the kid's "stepfather and friends." Those fucking bastards will pay for what they've done. Anyway, be back later. Don't worry, back feeling better thanks to you.


Left you the money in case you and kid get hungry.


I sighed. That idiot, he shouldn't have gone by himself. He might get in trouble. I wrinkled the note and turn up to see two bright honey brown eyes looking at me. I smiled.

"Are you hungry?" I asked. The kid nodded his head vigorously. I smiled again. "Take a shower first, change and then we'll go to eat something." Good thing they had bathrooms and showers in this place. Although it wasn't the same as in Earth, but they worked.

He nodded and obeyed without hesitation. He reminded me of my little cousin Kendall; he's always obedient but he's also a sweet little child. I chuckled.

Half an hour later we were sitting on a nice restaurant near the inn. The kid seemed more alive than yesterday night.

"So, do you have a name?" I asked trying to make conversation.

He gulped down the piece of pancake he was chewing and looked up at me. "My name is Kit Rune," he said with a smile.

"So, how old are you?"

"Fourteen. What about you? I didn't catch you name, or that other guy's."

And it started with that. We talked for about three hours. He finally told me about his stepfather and how mother had died two years ago and he was left with him. He never liked him but he had no other choice. It was either him or the street. Not very good choices but life sometimes isn't easy for everyone. I knew that, Ark knew that and Kit also knew it. I told him about me and how I got into this world. He was fascinated by that and then he told me how he wants to be a wizard. Then I told him what little I knew about Ark and realized that I didn't actually know that much about him. After that, we return to the inn. Ark was already in our room waiting for us.

"Hey guys!" he smiled at us. He was sitting by the table looking at something.

"What's that?" Kit asked with curiosity as we sat next to him. I looked down at was he was looking at. It looked like a map.

"A map of the town. It's for plan 'Bring down the bad guy,'" he said with a grin.

"What…?" I asked a little confused.

He turned to Kit, "Can you tell me where exactly you live?"

Kit nodded and quickly pointed to the west part of the city and a building.

"Do you mean…?" I said, still trying to understand his 'plan.'

"Yeah," he nodded, "Tonight we'll pay a little visit to Kit's 'father,'" he said with an evil smirk. He turned to Kit, "You don't mind do you?"

Kit shook his head, "I don't care what happens to him. He and his friends can drop dead for all I care," he said in a somewhat cold voice. I think he was just trying to act tough. Ark grinned maniacally and nodded with excitement.

"Alright then, operation 'Bring down the bad guy' starts at midnight," he had a weird gleam in his eyes that made me nervous. Like he was enjoying planning all this. I shook my head and quickly dismissed my doubts and nodded. Kit looked somewhat nervous but he also nodded.

Kit's POV

It was around eleven that night when Kyne woke me up. Ark was polishing his sword; a beautiful sword with a blue and gold handle. Kyne smiled to me and said that if I didn't want to go I didn't have to. I shook my head and answer that I wanted to.

It took us ten minutes to get to where the house was. It was in the bad part of town. There was not a soul around as we quietly walked through the dark streets. We stopped a corner away from the house.

"Are you guys' ready?" Ark asked with a smirk, which made me sweatdrop. I think this guy was getting a bigger kick out of it than Kyne and me together. I liked Kyne; he was really gentle with me, kinda like my mother used to be. Ark was more of the brotherly type to me. He liked to tease Kyne and me. I thought he was pretty funny. I had a fascination about him; I never personally met someone who wasn't human.

I suspected Ark wasn't human, from the moment he saved me on that empty street. And especially after seeing those tattoos and the fact that he tried to read my mind before. Good thing I had a barrier up around my mind. I don't think Kyne knows about his powers or his nature. He doesn't act like he knows, and he was just as surprised as I was at seeing those tattoos on Ark's back. I don't know what race he is but I do know that he's not evil.

"We have to do it today because we leave at the crack of dawn understood?" he said in an authoritative voice.

I opened my mouth and quickly closed it. Ark looked at me with a frown, "What is it?"

I shook my head, "You guys…will leave tomorrow…and I…"

He shook his head, "No, not us guys. We, as in all three of us."

I looked up at him with a smile, "Really? I can come?!"

Kyne looked at Ark and then smiled at me, "Of course you can! We're a team now, right Ark?"

Ark nodded, "Yeah!" he smiled, "So are we ready?"

We both nodded and followed him closer. Ark smirked and Kyne looked worriedly at me. I tried my best to stay calm.

"Right then, we divide here. Kyne and Kit you guys are on lookout. If anyone goes near the building, starts meowing, alright?" he said.

Kyne frowned, "Meowing?"

"What, you can't meow?" Ark said with a small smirk and chuckled, "Fine, moo or something. I'm going in." Kyne and I nodded and went to opposite ends of the street. Ark silently made his way to the door and picked the lock. He opened the door and quickly went inside, closing the door behind him. I'd explained to them that my stepfather and I didn't live alone; his 'friends' lived with us too. I looked back at the building and wondered what Ark was going to do. Whatever it is he does, I bet he'll use those powers or his.

Ark's POV

I closed the door behind me and took a deep breath. I grinned, for some crazy reason I couldn't stop grinning. I felt like an executioner about to kill a prisoner. I shook my head and sighed. I passed my hand down my face and sighed again. The grin was gone and now a small smirk replaced it.

I moved quietly up the stairs, (it was a two stories house) and down the left hall where Kit's stepfather slept. I slowly opened the door and stepped inside. He was sleeping on the bed with a woman. I gagged and looked away. I closed my eyes and let my powers surface. I opened my eyes and took a step forward. My body was engulfed in violet waves. I put both index fingers on his forehead, apart on opposite sides and concentrated on entering his mind. I evilly smirked as I explored it; it was full of crap, nothing interesting. I proceeded to damage him permanently. Insert evil laughter here. I destroyed every memory he and freed his inner demons, his most horrible nightmares. He'll have to deal with them day and night now, for the rest of his life until he goes crazy and kills himself. As I left the room I heard him start to moan and whimper in his sleep. I found three more rooms, with three more guys, two of them with woman and the last alone.

I did the same to the other two and went for the last guy. I mentally gasped and gritted my teeth in anger when I gazed at the last 'friend.' It was the guy that had attacked Kit that night when I found him and that shot me in the back. I grabbed my dagger but stopped.

I smirked as I left the room. I glanced at the closed door once more before laughing quietly to myself. No I didn't do the same thing to him that I did to the others. See, I can do this really cool thing where I can make someone see things that aren't real, or not there. For example, he'll now see demons instead of people and his most terrible nightmares will come to life in front of his eyes. He'll go mad in a few hours and hopefully kill himself.

I could hear their yells and moans of pain and suffering as I reached the door. And soon after that, the ones of the women that woke up, panicked yells of fear. I grinned and slipped out of the house unnoticed by anyone. I signaled to Kyne and Kit to come back and we left back to the inn. We returned to the inn and slept for a few more hours until dawn came, then we left towards Reuime. No one said anything about the previous night. It was left in the past where it belonged, buried and dead.

"How long until we reach Reuime?" I sighed, not again! First Kyne…and now Kit. Fortunately, this time Kyne answer.

"Not long," Kyne replied. I chuckled at the response; it had been the same one I had given him when we first met. Kit was riding with Kyne because quite frankly, I told him I didn't like second passengers. He looked sad for a moment but was happy again when Kyne offered to take him, if not we would've had to buy another horse and we didn't have enough money, or rather I didn't have enough money since neither Kyne or Kit had any.

Night soon took over and we had to stop. We made a campsite near a lake. I was surprised at how tired I felt. Maybe because of all the energy I used last night. Ha, but it was for a good cause…revenge. Mmm, is that considered a good cause? Man my morals are all twisted…

"So where are we headed?" Kit asked. He was sitting next to the fire we made. Kyne was leaning against the trunk of a tree and I was sitting cross-legged in front of them.

"To NAM!" Kyne yelled.

I stared at him, "What?"

"What's NAM?" Kit asked.

I shook my head, "He's crazy, don't listen to him. We're going to Reuime."

"Really?!" Kit exclaimed.

Kyne cocked his head, "Wait! I thought you said you would take me to the Nibus Academy of Magic!!"

"Oh, is that where we're going?!" Kit asked with enthusiasm.

"Yeah. Kyne, the Nibus Academy IS in Reuime. Reuime is the capital of Celea," I explained.

"Oh…" Kyne nodded and smiled.

"Isn't that place where wizards learn magic?" Kit asked with a huge grin.

I glanced at him and smiled, "Yep." Kyne told me early this morning about Kit's wish to be a mage. I thought it was great but I'm afraid that it won't be possible, because I don't think Kit has any adept qualities. It was something that I didn't tell Kyne. That all mages start as adepts, but not everyone can be one; they have to be like 'special' or something.

Now, my power was different. It wasn't magic. I don't even know what it is and I don't really care. I did question the existence of the tattoos when I was younger, but there was no one to ask, and often times I was mistaken for a demonic creature because of them. That's why they're always undercover. I always wear at least a dark shirt, so that no one will see them. Kyne is the first one to see them in about five years, the last one was an old friend named Julian. Julian's the vampire friend that I mentioned to Kyne, though I don't know where he is and I haven't seen him in about three years or something years, but I know he's still alive, I can feel it.

We have a mental link and if he was dead I would've felt it. But I'm getting off the matter at hand (again); I guess I have short attention span or something. Shrugs. Back to where I was, I wanted to ask Kit about the whole adept situation but I was afraid I would burst his bubble if he said that he never experienced any abnormal incidence.

I looked at Kyne and Kit, they were laughing and suddenly I was struck with a strange feeling…jealousy? Nah, come on man. Stop thinking like that! We're all friends here, remember?


I shook my head disregarding the feeling. It was stupid after all. I am not possessive of Kyne, and therefore I shouldn't care if he makes friends with someone else. I turned my gaze to the stairs. In Eterra they were always a soothing sight, no matter where I was if I looked at the night sky everything felt right, like everything was going to be fine. I started humming an old song that my mother taught me, or at least I think it was her. Soon after that I fell asleep.

Kyne's POV

Night came and we decided to stop. We made the campfire alongside a beautiful lake. I kept looking at Ark, he looked tired. I tried to forget the whole incident of Kit's stepfather. I knew Ark had done something because even from the outside I could hear the screams of pain, but I was afraid to ask anything about it, so I left it alone.

"So where are we headed?" I turned my head towards Kit. He was sitting next to the fire, making figures in the dirt with a stick. I was comfortably leaning against a tree and Ark was to my right, sitting cross-legged.

"To NAM!" I yelled.

"What?" Ark said turning his head towards me. I blushed and looked to the ground.

"What's NAM?" Kit asked.

"He's crazy, don't listen to him. We're going to Reuime," Ark said.

"Really?!" Kit exclaimed.

I looked up at him and cocked my head, "Wait! I thought you said you would take me to the Nibus Academy of Magic!!"

"Oh, is that where we're going?!" Kit asked.

"Yeah. Kyne, the Nibus Academy IS in Reuime. Reuime is the capital of Celea," Ark explained.

"Oh…" I said, nodded and smiled.

"Isn't that place where wizards learn magic?" Kit asked with a huge grin.

Ark looked at him and smiled, "Yep."

I looked at Ark. I told him about Kit's dream of being a mage and he'd only nodded and said it was great that he had big ambitions. I think there's something he's not telling me, but I'm afraid to ask him.

I turned to Kit and saw him frowning. "What is it?" I asked with caution.

"Do…do you think I can get in and learn magic?" he asked as he lifted his head and stared at me with worry all over his face. My eyes widened, for I didn't have the answer. I looked up at Ark, maybe he had heard and had the answer but he was looking kinda dazed and definitely not into our conversation. I looked back at Kit, he looked full of worry. But what could I say that wouldn't burst his dreams and hopes?

"Maybe, but if you do, I have complete faith that you will become a great mage!" I winked and his whole face beamed. I laughed and he started to laugh. Nice save! Go me! Yay team! Ahem…so anyway…

I looked at Ark and he quickly looked away. Wonder what's up with him? I mentally shrugged. Kit yawned. I was about to tell him to go to sleep when I heard humming. I looked at Ark, he was the one humming. It was a soothing tune and I started to get sleepily. I smiled and fell asleep soon after Kit did.

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