She looked down upon the house as the winter winds whipped around her. Banks of snow rose in the air as temporary hills, blocking the roads and traffic that would have streamed in and out all day because of the market down in the town only two miles down the river. But snow made things impossible for humans to see farther than maybe ten feet.

Thank goodness I'm not human She thought wearily, and laid down on her belly with a sigh, her big ears flat against her skull. Very few people had the "honor" of meeting her. She found people tiresome and irritating though, and they were the only ones who saw it as an honor, as well as their gods. Some say she had been human once, but something had changed her into this, but she does not remember, it has been over a century since she had last had contact with the human race.

A wailing cry snapped her out of her thoughts and her ears picked up. She went rigid as another cry joined it for a moment, but went silent after a minute. They came from the house below her in the valley, and she frowned, trying to listen more carefully, and hear what else was going on. But the whistling winds blew against her head, so with a grumble, she got off the ground by a few inches and crept forward on all fours. She didn't stop until she found herself under a window with a merry light coming from it, no doubt from the huge fireplace within and the many candles.

She wasn't interested in the candles and fire though. Picking up her ears, she flattened herself against the ground again and listened intently, trying to hear the human voices above the wind.

"I'm so sorry" said a voice, she recognized it as the doctor from town. A woman was sobbing and she could pick up a man's ragged breathing "but you must not let your grief take you, you still have one of them left"

As if to agree, the crying of a baby suddenly started up. The woman inside sniffled and the sound of blankets was heard as she picked the child up. The creature outside could hear the father take a shaky breath, and she guessed that he was staring at the baby and wife. The crying stopped and she smiled as she heard him nursing. It reminded her of her own children she had had so long ago.

"What shall we name him?" Asked the woman, rocking back and forth in the bed, creating creaky sounds.

"We shall call him Taranis" said the man, "after the storm he was born in that killed his brother"

She heard a sigh from the mother, and the doctor speaking quietly with the father about trivial things, how much bed rest she should have after the birthing, how much food, how much liquid, ect.

She backed away from the window and bounded up the hill, only looking back once more from the top. The wind raked her fur and her amber eyes held a grave expression. The time was nearing when that child would make all the difference in the world.

"Good bye for now, Taranis. I will be back" she murmured, and turned, sprinting off towards the mountains she called home. She did not see the child raise his tiny fist and gaze at the window, as if he had heard