Death of a Warrioress

Shaliana knew she was dying, but she refused to believe it. She could not be dying. What about her friends? Their faces drifted through her mind, one by one, marching by. Arahna, the sorceress, with ivory skin and deep violet eyes. Images of her and Reandua, fighting back to back, defeating many. She was gone now, departed shortly before her at the ghastly hands of a goblin, in the same fight that was to take her life also, too soon, too soon. Her family, ah, her family. Her loving mother, her father, her sister. What were they to think when they learned of her fate. But there was nothing she could do of that now. Her country, her beloved Varden, with rolling green hills, and clear blue skie…But the dangers Varden veiled beneath its mists, the evil set free by Ashantey, Shadow Queen, Life Forger. But her last thought, the one last thought before she slipped into blackness, was of her lover, Quintillian. "What about him?" she murmered, before the world slipped from her vision.

((Later, Quintillian finds her…))