Ashantey concentrated hard as she carefully chanted the sacred words, weaving the web of life. A glowing black light shot out of her fingertips and into the middle of a chamber, where it turned into a small ball of the same color. Suddenly, the ball exploded, as expected, and the room burst into millions of colors. A moment later, the light was replaced with a large, cat-like creature. Ashantey smiled wickedly, eyes glittering with a twisted glee. She had successfully created a new species of creatures to fight for her, and spread her dark deeds. She walked calmly up to it and put a steady hand on its firm, strongly-muscled back. "You shall henceforth be known as-" But she never got the chance to name it, as her sentence was subdued by a scream, as the beast turned on her, its eyes red and fiery, teeth bared in a snarl, and claws unsheathed.

That was the beginning of our worst troubles, on that fateful day when a creation went horribly wrong.The beast, unnamed by its creator, now called Ashantayan after its would-have-been mistress, now ravages the countryside, unstoppable, killing anything that gets in its way.