Dear Readers,

A lot has happened since I originally posted this story onto Fictionpress. It was long ago, and I was a freshman in high school at the time, having just completed a manuscript about my version of the Sleeping Beauty legend. I remember promising once a long time ago that I would post the tale in its entirety, and I regret that it's taken me so long to give any sort of update.

For a while, this story sat on the backburner. The ideas stayed with me, but college and life took precedence. Over the last two years, I finally returned to the story and found that I could do much, much better. A few rewrites and endless hours of editing later, I can say that I've now finished the story I've been meaning to tell for years. When Time Sleeps is now a 102,000 word completed work, and I've decided to query it for publication.

This means, sadly, that I will have to take down the version posted here so many years ago. I apologize to all the readers who asked me when I would finish, and if I'd ever continue posting. My deepest apologies go to the people who looked forward to new chapters and were left hanging about Lucie's adventures. But I hope, one day, that I'll be able to come back and tell all you readers that my book is finally in print, in bookstores.

What I can promise is, if the book gets published, it is a much better story than what you read here. And if it does not, I'll begin reposting chapters to share with you the final version of my years-in-progress novel. Regardless, Fictionpress was what first encouraged me to write. It will always have a dear spot in my heart, and you readers will always be my first fans and critique partners. I wish you all well, and hope that in the future, When Time Sleeps will find its way to bookshelves everywhere.