The long, languid days of summer had not yet begun when Anya planted her seedlings.

"What do you need seeds for?" her parents had asked.

"I'm growing all of the food I'll eat this summer." She'd told them. They just nodded and smiled. No one thought she'd plant them. But she did.

When the seedlings sprouted into small green shoots, Anya celebrated by carving a small patch of the backyard into a garden plot. She turned over the dirt and added topsoil that she'd bought at the local nursery. She waited anxiously as her little plants grew. She tended to them care, and followed every instruction on the seed packets to the fullest extent. No one thought she'd keep it up for more then a couple of weeks. But she did.

When the plants were ready to be moved to her garden, Anya moved every one extremely carefully. When she was done she watered them and kept a close eye on them, watching for weeds and the first fruit of her labors to appear. No one thought that anything would come of all this work. But it did.

When the very first tomato was perfectly ripe, Anya picked it and placed it in the fruit bowl for dinner. Her parents didn't think she'd eat it. But she did, in her salad that very night.

Every vegetable that ripened in Anya's garden was carefully picked and washed to be eaten by Anya herself. True to her word, by the middle of July everything she ate came from her garden. No one thought she'd make it through the summer eating only vegetables that she had grown. But she did.

When the long, warm days of summer drew to a close, and school was fast approaching, Anya began to dread the day when her garden would die, as all things do in the fall to winter transition. She continued to pick and eat her vegetables as long as they grew, and she watched the plants that she had worked so hard to give life to turn brown and wilt. She vowed to grow her garden again next year, with the same plants, and eat only what she grew. No one thought she would, but sure enough when the next summer was fast approaching she did.

Anya added new plants to her garden that next summer. Soon, she was producing more then she could eat. Anya began to give away all of the vegetables she couldn't eat. Even when people offered her money, she refused to take it. Everyone thought she'd take the money eventually, who wouldn't? But Anya never did.

The summer before her Junior year in high school, two years after her first time planting the garden, Anya grew flowers in addition to her garden. It was more work, and the conditions for growing were different, but Anya was up to the challenge. No one thought she'd be able to keep up all of those plants. But she did.

When Anya was a Senior in high school she decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with plants. She went away the following fall to begin her studies to become a Botanist. She missed her garden, and spent a lot of time in a community garden where she learned even more about the plants she loved so much. When summer came, she returned home to tend to the garden she had created in her parents' back yard. They had already planted vegetables there, and had taken care of the flowers that came back in the spring. Anya had never expected her parents to understand her garden. But they did.

Anya went on to make leaps and bounds in the field of plant studies. No matter how much work she's doing though, she always finds time to plant her garden in the early days of summer. No one expected this girl to amount to much. But she did.