CHemiCals Only

Newly do we calculate Mighty King Moon

Angry Ocean; now industry, playing ominous new tunes

With burden of change, it seems to be

There no longer exists any great mystery

I can't help but be blue

When happiness, to you,

Is chemicals only-

Veiling feelings so lonely

All wilde stretches of earth's myriad lands

Seem shriveled and shrunken into something less grande

When, with compass in hand and adventure at heart,

This life, acts and scenes, denies wilderness his part

I wish for such ages, if truly they pass-

Whose mount's- grown on horizons, are sewn rich with wilde grass

The colours in the sky, naturally painted-

No air or stream is yet black or tainted

Now here lies a vision- one bourne pure of my heart

A wish and a dream, from which I won't depart

That true love and wilde beauty are unreplaced by cold lust

For the thirst in my heart to be quenched,

They must