She had no name, and even if she did, nobody knew it. They didn't want to. She caused to many deaths, so much misery. They never expected it; I guess that was the best part. She seemed like an angel; she was the quiet, shy, cute little girl lingering in the shadows. That's what she appeared to be on the outside, but in the inside she was a blood-thirsty, murderous demon. It wasn't entirely her fault though; her parents never loved her, which probably lead to her ways. Her tale is a sad, tragic one, and is pasted down from teen to teen, friend to friend, and lover to lover. This is her story:

A Toast to the Nape of your Neck

It was her sixteenth year; she had started a new school and had trouble making friends. She was always the kind of girl who was cute enough to get a date, but innocent enough to have taken advantage of; and never hot enough to remain a girl friend. Her hair was forever tied up into a bookish-librarian, chocolate brown bun. Guys always came up to her, asking her to go out for a date.but of course they had 'other' intentions Being the polite lady she seemed, she always smiled and said yes. As he walked away the girl always smirked an evil smirk.

They'd never expect it.

He usually took her out somewhere, like dinner or the movies. After they would always past a park on the way home; the girl would bat her eyelashes and pleading and innocent asked if they could cut through.

And he'd always smile and say yes.

They'd walk and once they got up to the middle of the park where the big oak tree stood, they'd always stop. He'd caress he close and tell her he loved her and how beautiful she was; then he'd always lean over and give her a kiss. She smiled as hug him around the neck.

And that's when it happened.

They just live for the moment....that one little kiss...and that one night they'd be aiming for but never get. They never expected it. They never saw it coming. The bun in her hair which secretly held her weapon. The knife which would lead to there death.

As she hugged him, she'd get him distracted one way or another and undo her bun. With knife in hand, she'd hold him tighter until no escape. But of course, he never saw it coming. Then they'd feel a slight tingle and the last moment of pleasure. As blood seeped from the gash in his neck, he'd slowly fall down; she'd hold him and gaze at him for the moment he was in her arms and then let him go. She never showed any remorse. It was their fault anyway. They never loved her; just like her parents...just like everyone she knew, they just took advantage of her. And she thought this every time she went out. That's what led her to kill.

The next day the girl would return to school; and the students heard about the death on the news.Of course they didn't know she did it.And they would go and comfort her, like a widow who just lost her husband. And in the heap of sorrows, she'd receive a few dates.......and a few victims....Despite the reoccurring tragedies, they'd never expect and innocent girl like her could commit such a crime. Fools. She thought

Until that Day

One day a guy came up to her; he was like the others, but since she saw him the girl detected something...something different....but she couldn't tell what it was. She shook it off; He needs to die. She thought They're all the same.

But she was wrong.

That night was predictable; the usual happened. To top it all off she went to the park with him, just as she did with the others. There was still something different; he didn't try to hit on her like the others. He didn't try to seduce her. He just held her hand and guided her. As she glanced back and forth at him, many thoughts raced though the teen's mind. I don't understand. She thought There's something different about him...He's really not like the others. He's...sweet....And she didn't realize it, but she was falling in love. For the first time, she met someone who liked her for who she was; not for what she could do.

Then they stopped.

It was right by the usual spot near the oak tree. The boy stopped and turned to face her. He looked into her eyes and thank her for accompanying him for a wondrous evening. He gave her a kiss, but a tender loving one, not a seductively sexy one like the others. This really baffled the girl, but she was too stubborn and blinded by anger. I won't...I can't spare him.

But that was a big mistake.

She undid her hair and grasped the knife. She maneuvered her arms from his back up to his neck. She was going to strike. She would have delivered his last blow. But her pulled away. He looked at her and smiled. "Thank you" He said embracing her."I love you.." He mutter.

She was on the verge of tears. What was happening? The teen realized at the moment she returned those signs of affection.

But it slipped

She didn't mean to do it. She wanted to stay in that caress forever

.But it backfired.

The knife slipped out of her grasp. It stabbed him in the back. He breathed his last cold breath and fell into his lover's arms. She was in shock. It wasn't supposed to happen. Not this time."No!" She cried out. Tears formed an everlasting river around them."I'm sorry" She sobbed. "Please open your eyes...I love you....I love you !......" She pleaded But it didn't work. Her words rang into oblivion with no one to reply. She laid him down, gave him one last departing kiss, and stood upright.

She knew what she had to do.

It was her fault this happened, and she had to make up for it. She pushed her hair back, revealing the nape of her neck. She grabbed the knife which killed so many and pressed it against her flesh. She felt the tingle the others felt. She breathed her last, just as the other. She spiraled down, just as they did. And she regretted her ways and mourned her love for the last time.

And there you have it. Tragic isn't it? Just goes to show you: Never neglect. Always love that lost soul. Do it so you won't end up like those victims. Don't have a toast to the nape of your neck.

Chobi: Woot, that was fun! Hope you enjoyed this little short story of mine.