This will be a short chapter, thankfully. The game never became much, for mine was a small team, and none of us had designed a video game before. I drew some sketches, recorded the music, much of which was fantastic, and successfully built a text-based fighting game that could have been expanded for the RPG fights. We also successfully designed the team logo and a promotional little avi movie. None of these, however, made an integrated game on the scope we were after. The project simply faded away, and little remains save the music I recorded, and the script you've been reading. If I learned anything, it's that for a project to succeed, all members must be willing to spend the time necessary to debug the problems. Also, we should have better coordinated everything by putting it on one standard at the beginning. A lame-brained scheme to take source from all over the net and try to have these different standards run in parallel was stupid of us. I hope we learned other lessons, as well.

-Typewriter King, November 6th, 2005


Just to get in the door, Some team members will have to make sacrifices. Alex can't carry her kris sword, so using Ren's practice Tanto. Ren can't carry his sword, so he carries his kendo stick. You're fine, however, and Elsa uses fangs and a bolo. To enter the plane, process yourselves aboard. You walk out, where the mobile ladders are waiting. Suddenly, you tie up the passenger doors. You get a preemptive hit on an isolated kernel of security. You lack your whip, and two of your guys hone wooden blades. The battle should be easy, however. Once you find your bags on the cart, items and murder-tools

are restored. Alex ties a baggage strap around the door, so you can use your whip for reaching your control tower. Elsa, meanwhile, works her bolo to said whip. Ren motions to take the tower, and at samurai-speed give it to you. That finished, Dedos takes a jet to a small village at the mouth of Rio Lobo, where an ice flow connects Boronsky to the mutant territories.

Movie scene: Guards collapse the sealed doors in the tower and at the terminal, but you're home free.

Thus ends chapter one In Scripting The Game

My commentary

Problems abounded on this project. In the middle of the work, I decided Windows C plus plus 4.0 was just too buggy to work with, and I ended up building the casino and much of Inurouroni in HTML. The place suddenly became real, fleshed out, and I walked a 3D environment. It was unreal, I built what was necessary, and in a language all browsers could recognize! This means, should I ever buy the hosting space, I could actually give tours of the rooms where my characters live! At the very least, I'd given my characters a place to live.