Hate Me Too

I hate you.
I really, really do.
These are not just empty words,
This I know is true.
I look deep inside myself,
And I'm still hating you.
Don't say you love me!
Don't say you care!
So what if you mean it?
It doesn't change the fact that

I hate you.
My anger all-consuming.
If I left this place right now
I would not miss you.
I search inside my soul
To make sure it's not a lie.
But all I find inside me is:

I hate you.
There's no turning back.
You've done all you could do.
You've dug the hole and now you're stuck,
And I'll have no change of heart.
All my soul is screaming loudly,

I hate you.

And I can see it in your eyes
That you must hate me too.