The situation
Makes me want to scream
And shout silently
At times ...

Quite often, in fact.
I have to sit here and
Watch ... albeit virtually ...
You in your zoo

Invaded by lions.
Kept prisoner by
Your keepers.
They feed you,

But not enough of
What you need to
Stop you pacing
Around your cage.

And they can't
Understand why you
Often just want to go
And curl up

In the corner, sobbing invisibly,
Tired of the confines
And their rules ...
That are meaningless.

Don't be mute.
You need to roar
And get those claws
In ... but gently, quietly.

Captive of immaturity.
Hurry up and find
That key that
Will let you be free.

I rattle the bars impatiently
Sometimes, but it doesn't do
Any good.
The cage remains locked.