Sandstone Kitty

AN: I just let this poem take me where it wanted…

I rise from my bed

The sunlight in my eyes

And stretch like the cat

Who sits across the room

Regarding me curiously

He rubs against me as I sit

Gazing out the window

At the shifting, dappled shade

And the trees blowing in the sea breeze

Branches beckoning me

Wanting me out there

To dance the dance

Of earth




But the day is young

And time stretches in front of me

Yawning, showing its canines

The kitty copies time and

Leaps from the table

He has his purpose

He has his places to go

He knows what's there

And what to expect

I follow him, hoping for a sign

That time won't swallow me

That I won't be lost to the ages

Don't let me fade, fall

Though my eyes are bleary,

I can still see

Though my limbs are tired,

And I have yet to rest well,

I can still walk

Though my heart is heavy

I can still love

The embrace of the sun

Welcomes me as I step outside

And the wind catches me up,

Leading me to the bleached white sands

Where the surf pounds,

Its melody soft to my ears

I do not wait for it to come crashing down

I leap ahead of it, anticipating

And I drift away in the current

Never lost, never faded

Ever present, ever near