Rainwashed Hate By:Cassandra Freiborg 6/7/05

Its raining,
I'm so far from cold,
where did my mind learn,
to be so bold?
Cant escape the anger,
hatred boils in my blood,
one day I'll overflow,
there's nothing to be done.
Its hot here in this room,
I cant escape the heat,
seems like after all these years,
I've finally been beat.
I look out the window,
rain cleansing the street,
if I could just open the window,
I'd escape the heat.
The lock is jammed,
from outside they call me,
drenched and happy,
hell, they're really free.
My muse has been zapped now,
for quite a long time,
I cant reform the poetry,
I keep loosing the lines.
I'm banging on the glass,
and I cannot break the chains,
for now I really know,
this hatred cannot be tamed.