She has a choice. She has always had it. Go to HIM, let him use her as he sees fit.

Or walk away.

Each choice has a price. The first means the loss of pride, of dignity, of respect. The second means the death of everything and nearly everyone she loves. Everyone but HIM.

She looks at the door to HIS chamber. HE has no mercy, no pity, no kindness, and no love. For HIM this is purely the relief of physical needs. HIS training of her mind, body and soul meant to make HIS rule and control easier.

She could be free, couldn't she, walk away from this demi-god who has conquered her land, shattered her safe world. How long has it been? It seems like centuries. It could even be so.

She looks at the door, then back the way she came, and she sighs. She can't break her promise, and now she no longer wants to. HE holds her passion, her heart in HIS cold and emotionless grip.

Besides this could be the last time in HIS arms. As much as she hates what she has become, she longs for HIM. She knows she has come to love HIM, as she was warned not to.

So for one more night she walks into the room and curls up on HIS bed.

She saw it, before HE did, the enemy's strike. And she knew that she would have her Freedom. She leapt for it, shielding HIS back, saving HIS life.

She felt the pain, the agony. Felt her very life's blood flowing from the wound, she heard HIS enraged cry. Felt him smite the foes that surrounded them.

She feels HIS arms around her, his arms cradling her head, she looks into his face. Something isn't right, this tyrant, this Demi-god of hate and destruction shouldn't have tears shining unshed in his eyes.

With a strength the greatly weakened magess didn't know she had she tries to wipe away the moisture, but HIS hand stopped her.

"Why" that single word carried so much meaning, it demanded she answer. It forced her dying body to summon the strength to speak

"I love..." and with that her voice faded and she felt the dark close around her.

They still speak of that place. Where HE lost his favorite slave girl. Where that Demon in human guise screamed in pain and had tears falling down his face.

They still speak of the fall of his empire, for the Lord of it lost his heart; he left it behind to search for her, for his lost slave girl. Swearing by heaven and hell he would have her again.

No one knows if he ever found her again. There are worlds where they speak of HIM

But of her, there is only silence. I fear if he should find her again. This destroyer of worlds.