I think I could

Have told you,

But I didn't want to

Dash your hope.

That once you had

Tasted that bitterness

That comes with betrayal

Your life would not be sweet.

When trust is eroded,

And no new assurance given,

What does love mean?

Until death us do part.

In sickness and in health?

Or only in health?

When you're being fun

And being the rock.

But when you needed

And were ignored,

How could you then

Feel loved?

You weren't good enough ...

Too old to be exciting?

But you know you're better ...

And always will be.

You can't force the blind to see

What's in your heart.

Your vows thrown back

In your stricken face.

And when you've tasted

The solitary freedom that comes

From living alone ...

You hate being controlled.

But you want to be needed

And you want to be loved.

But you're not sure how

To make it work this time.

And the future yawns ahead

Full of uncertainty.

And all you want to do

Is curl up, oblivious.

Make it go away ...

The silent inner voices

Scream. But clocks

Never turn backwards.

So you retreat inside your head,

Sadness hardening your fragile shell.

Forced to wait for the day

When equilibrium decides to return.