Momma, Why!?!

Why aren't you always here for me!?!

Why don't you acknowledge me?

What are you afraid of?

Why do you pretend things are better that they really are?

Why don't you see me?-

I'm right here!

Why don't you hear me?-

I'm screaming your name!


Why am I so neglected?


See me,

See the real me;

See my face, see my pain.

Feel my pain

Because maybe then you will understand what I'm going through.

Hear me momma!

Why can't you hear my cries for help?

They are so loud!-

I can barely hear myself think!

Reach out to me momma!-

I need help….

I need someone to care about me,

I need it!

I need someone to hear me,

I need someone to feel my pain,

I need someone to understand me,

I need someone to reach out to me…


Are you listening?!?