Truth of Dare: The Fall of an Experiment

Starts out a game of truth or dare

And ends with a kiss

But we think nothing of it- after all,

We're just experimenting.

All night we cuddle; fall asleep in each other's arms,

After tickling each other's stomachs-

The same way we always have.

Late-night girl talk about guys was just the way it was

(Back then)

Silly arguments over our flaws, all to console each other.

But now things aren't a game,

So it doesn't take one for us to share a passionate kiss.

Not so much talk about guys anymore,

Rather our feelings for each other.

I still love falling asleep in your arms,

Though we never seem to get close enough.

Still tickling each other's stomachs,

But roaming new places.

No more silly fights over flaws, but

Touches and compliments to ease our doubts.

You love me,

I love youBut when you realize things are no longer a game, and you're no longer experimenting,

What do you do?

Because really, where can this go?

Considering the public view, we're screwed.