Part 1: Unfamiliar Face

An unfamiliar face is reflected off the mirror

As she wonders what went wrong.

The corruption and disorder inside eating away is now visible.

What was once a young child

Filled with life,

Is now a hardened shell.

Hair is tangled and out of control,

Eyes are tired and powdered drugged up red.

Body is bony

And cuts engrave her wrists.

Empty eyes stare in dazed

At the mess that has become.

Part 2: Faceless Blur

Walking past the mirror, once again is she

Only what is seen is a faceless blur;

No featured are distinguishable or clear.

Part 3: Lost Reflection

Her hands upon the mirror

Searching for her lost reflection.

What is wrong!?! What is happening!?!

She can feel her skin

And pull her hair

But still all that is reflected,

Is the opposite side of the room….

And empty soul has been lost.