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Chapter 1- Typical

He didn't see the gun. I did, of course I did. I was, after all, facing the person holding it. Lore stupidly had his back turned; blue eyes piercing through my own. I told him, no, I pleaded with him not to come here. Lore didn't listen, Lore never listens.

"Why?" my voice sounded ragged and harsh even to my own ears.

"Rose." All he had to do was say my name and the memories came flooding back.

"Lore don't do this to me again." I begged.

"Rose." He spoke again his voice like a soft caress. "Look at me."

And to my immense regret, I did. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and until that moment in time, I never realized how true those words were. Gone were his tough façade, cocky attitude and smirk; raw emotion was now etched on his face and his once bright blue eyes were glazed over. My breath caught as a single tear escaped down his cheek. Brushing away the droplets reflexively I didn't realize the extent of what I had done until it was too late. I snatched my hand away from his face as if it was on fire but Lore reached out and captured my wrist in a gentle yet firm grip.

"Don't." My voice rang out clearly. "Please, Lore not again, I'm begging you." He let my wrist go but his eyes kept me pinned standing a mere foot away from him.

"Rose." His broken voice put yet another crack in my broken heart. "Don't you know by now?"

"Know what?" I asked exasperated.

"I love you." He stated simply. Barely a second after what he said registered in my mind I heard the sound of a guns safety snapping off. Looking up I no longer had view of the shooter and it took me a moment to realize why. Lore's eyes widened a fraction of an inch before grasping my arms and whirling me around in a half circle. The trigger was pulled and the bullet left the barrel traveling at velocities that would blow your mind…literally. Lore collapsed onto the ground in a heap; my eyes never leaving those of the shooter. Running into the shadows she took off.

I stared at his unmoving body marveling at his beauty. An angel, my angel. The impact of what happened tore through me like the bullet tore through his flesh. The distinct wails of a police siren cut through the once silent night and yet failed to match the unimaginable horror of my own as I scrambled to my fallen savior.

Time stood still as the ambulance drew closer followed by 3 squad cars. Remembering the past 6 months I realized how simple my life used to be before I met Lore but also how painfully empty.

- 6 Months Earlier -

"We've got a cloudless sky and ounces of su…" my radio's alarm clock was cut short abruptly as my hand collided with the snooze button.

"Cloudless sky my ass." I mumbled barely half awake. "The last time Manhattan had a cloudless sky was when Roosevelt was in office." Glancing at the clocks illuminated digits I realized something exceedingly important, I was late for school…..again. Cursing my stupidity I attempted to fight my way out of bed. Considering the fact that my opponents were sheets and I was losing, it became apparent that maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. Unfortunately for me I only reached this conclusion when I ended up on the wooden floor, undoubtedly cracking my tail bone in the process.

"That's gonna leave a mark." I grumbled. Rising slowly to my feet I cautiously made my way over to the closet. Flinging open its doors I looked through article after article of clothing. Getting frustrated I grabbed the first thing that caught my eye. A faded pair of blue jeans and a black tank top. Throwing the shirt over my head and nearly falling over again by attempting to put the jeans on I ran a comb through my hair. Rushing out of my room I heard my mother's voice yelling up at me from the stair case.

"Roselyn Parker stop right there." I froze in my tracks as she continued to yell. "Shouldn't you be at school already?"

Geeze how did she perfect that tone? Shrill yet commanding… must be a mom thing.

"I woke up late." I replied lamely."

"Do you need a ride?" She asked pointedly.

"No its ok ill walk." My voice cracked from lack of use. My breath probably would have cracked a mirror as well but thankfully no one was around to put that theory into practice.

"Have it your way." Sounding like a bad Burger King commercial she headed outside. The door slammed and the house was basked in blissful silence once again.

That is until I stole a glance at the clock hanging on the wall (you'd think with so many clocks around I'd be on time once in a while…nuh uh) and nearly killed myself running down the stairs.

I jammed my feet into the closest pair of sneakers and grabbed my back pack. Throwing open my front door I hurried down yet another set of stairs.

"I'm 18 years old and still have to walk to school, what's wrong with this picture?"

I asked to no one in particular. Looking up at the sky as if expecting the 'big guy' himself to answer me I noticed something. The sky was a slate gray, not the promised cobalt blue. Typical.


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