So I'm not making a sequel, I'm not re writing it but I will give you an epilogue. I hate how juvenile this story has become but I don't think it's fair to just leave it hanging. Sorry about the gap in writing styles. You'll notice (hopefully) it's more mature and has a less childish tone hence why I'm so glad to be done with the story.

So finally here it is THE END.

Epilogue – (aptly named I think) Closure

It was five years down the road before I even caught a glimpse of him again. Devon and I were walking down avenue A and 22nd street hand in hand, not a care in the world till I saw him, and tripped right over my nine west heels. He was of course still gorgeous, dangerous and damn tasty as ever. Saddling up closer to Devon I kept my head tilted down, letting my hair (under control for once) shield my face. I don't know what I expected, maybe a more dramatic scene where Lore would beg me not to walk away from him…something notebook-esque would have been nice. Had it not been for the sudden tightening of his fists I would have thought he didn't even recognize me.

What drove the knife home was the equally beautiful girl strutting next to him. Her model legs encased in denim easily matched his powerful strides. I felt my face burn in humiliation and anger as the ring he gave me rubbed uncomfortably against my skin; hidden safely beneath the black cotton. The inconspicuous silver chain leading down the front of my dress was a thing Devon (bless his heart) never mentioned. The small part of me that hoped Lore would come back shriveled up and died. I contemplated just ripping the chain clean off and throwing it at him, but then he would know I kept it, and we can't show human emotion around Lore.

I didn't realize how dizzy I was getting till my vision started to fade. I let out a whooshing breath and greedily gulped down the air I was denying myself for the past minute or so. He passed without so much as a glance and I felt my heart shatter all over again. Struggling against the weight of tears that threatened to fall, I tried focusing on something, anything but this.

Looking down I saw another ring, a more generic but no less beautiful diamond band wrapped around my fourth finger in symbol of promise. I was engaged….but not in love. The thought was one I'd had most days as we took this stroll down Brooklyn's crowded streets. Never had it rung so true. I tricked myself into believing I had love to offer when my heart was never mine to begin with. I felt horrid and cruel for robbing Devon of his chance at true love. Fact is I was just scared. Scared of being alone, and scared of never feeling loved. Witness the patheticness that is me.

I tried so hard to move on. Going through the motions was one thing; tricking myself into believing I'd ever be over him was another. So I threw myself into my school work, which needless to say thrilled my parents to no end. The acceptance to NYU was certainly something that sent me for a loop. I'm halfway through the process of getting a degree in pediatrics. Yeah, you're looking at an aspiring doctor. Who'd have thought it?

I guess I figured that if I couldn't help myself I'd help others, and I've always had a soft spot for kids. So when choosing a major rolled around it really wasn't that hard to pick. The math and science are a nightmare but in the end I know it will be worth it.

"Rose." Devon's voice snapped me out of my musings.

"Hmm." I answered softly.

"We're home."

Unlocking the door to our apartment we went up the stairs and into a dimly lit hallway. Our apartment was the last door on the left. Toeing off my shoes I fell exhausted into bed. Devon followed suit shortly and I tensed, dreading what was coming next.

"Not tonight." I whispered softly.

"Damn it Rose, that's all you say anymore."

Rolling quickly off the bed he jammed his feet back into his shoes, grabbed his coat and left the house with a bang. I knew this wasn't going to work. The engagement had to be called off; my poor mother was going to kill me when she heard this. Always going on about Devon this and Devon that. Sighing softly I inched the covers up over my head and squeezed my eyes shut praying for sleep to consume me. Of course it didn't, leaving me wide awake and anxious.

Copying Devon's movements, I left the apartment walking aimlessly around, looking at everything and nothing. My keys slipped silently from my grasp, cursing I crouched down to pick it up and felt my necklace slide out from its hiding spot. This is stupid, turning- I resolved to get some sleep and deal with the consequences in the morning.

Of course had I been paying close attention I might have realized there was someone behind me.

"Oof." I mumbled ramming head first into a rather masculine chest. My heart froze…could it be?

"Are you ok Miss?" The voice was wrong and my heart once again shattered in realization that he would never ever come back.

"Miss?" The mans voice sounded again.

"Oh, yes, fine thanks." I went to move around him but was immediately blocked.

"Good, then you won't mind handing over your purse?" His gentle voice became steel, creeping its icy chill down my back. I knew, fucking KNEW I should have just tried to get some sleep.

Getting ready to hand over the bag I heard a guns safety snap off. Terror laced through me. God how many times would I stare down the barrel of a gun in my life? Glancing up the man had the same harassed look as me and I realized that it was someone behind who held the gun. Only this time there was no Lore to save me. My shoulders slumped in resignation. To be robbed, murdered and left all in one night? It was too much, too close to the life I thought I out grew.

"Walk away fucker, this ones ours." The voice taunted in a familiar drawl. I couldn't place it for the life of me but I knew, KNEW I'd heard it somewhere before. The man gladly fled leaving me in a more dangerous position than I'd been in years.

"Ok doll face lets see that pretty little mug of yours, turn around nice and slow for daddy." Resisting the urge to roll my eyes in disgust I pivoted slowly. I felt rather than saw his excitement. The whole crews' excitement.

"Rosie!" Lynx. Of course Lore's running crew would be out tonight of all nights.

"Lynx." I greeted quietly.

"Oh, now sugar don't be like that, you know we aren't gonna shoot ya – Lore would have my balls."

I winced at the crass mention of his name. It'd been so long since anyone had spoken it aloud in my presence.

"Where is the little fucker?" The cursing was starting to weigh heavy in my ears.

"Back at the shop waiting for her." Ex answered. His ominous tone grew darker on the word her.

"Oh, of course." Before I realized what was happening Lynx grabbed my arm and started totting me along side him.

"Goddamn it Lynx, did it occur to you that he doesn't exactly want to see me?" I hollered in his ear, trying my damndest to wiggle out of the death grip he had on my forearm.

"Oh honey, trust me he wants to see you, as a matter of fact he sent us out to go get you- it was only pure luck that you still can't manage to keep outta trouble." I went still.

"WHAT?!" I was furious, I was confused- forget that I was going to fucking KILL HIM.

"Would you quiet DOWN already, you're drawing a lot of unwanted attention, and I do carry a gag if so necessary." Ryan waved the rag in front of my face as if to prove a point. Of course how could I forget the snarky one?

"Fine." I muttered still seething.

A few blocks down the road and a couple bad neighborhoods later we arrived in front of a run down garage building. How unbelievably cliché. I told them so. Lynx smirked and proceeded to drag me up a flight of unstable looking stairs. We stopped in front of a peeling door frame as he knocked three times and stepped away, leaving me standing confused.

The door swung open and my breath caught in surprise.

"Devon?" I questioned unbelievably perplexed. He looked really guilty…

"Come back to bed baby." A woman's voice came from behind the frame. I knew that voice. I loathed that voice. In an uncharacteristic move I pushed Devon aside and confirmed my suspicions. To credit her she was just as surprised to see me as I was her.

She was even more surprised when the "scared little rabbit" beat the living shit out of her. God it felt good to feel my knuckles break through bone. Rae, the bitch who tried killing me, sends her men after me and worst of all took Lore and now Devon into her bed. She deserved every bruise I inflicted and so much more. The wedding band slipped easily off my finger. Eloquently chucking it at Devon's naked chest I left the room with what little dignity I had left.

"Rose." He called after me. The bastard had enough gall to do so. Lynx materialized thankfully by my side. Looking him dead in the eye I asked to borrow a trinket of his. Amused he acknowledged and put it in my hands.

The deadly weight felt solid and cool in my fevered hands. Leveling it between Devon's eyes I said one word.


Hands in the air he walked slowly backward into the room, to her, to them. Disgusted I pushed the weapon back into its rightful hands and tromped angrily down the stairs. I finally knew what this whole night was about. This was Lore's way of getting back at me, at shoving my failures in my face. Well fine, let him do it then.

"Take me to your leader." I stated the irony not lost on me.

"He's here." For the third time tonight I was surprised. There he stood a few feet away in all his perfection, and I hated him for it. For how I could be so damn affected and it not bother him in the least. Controlled and beautiful as always.

"Are you happy now Lore? Happy that you've destroyed everything I worked to fix? Happy I have to glue the pieces back over again?" My voice was barely above a whisper but I know he heard me. The way his eyes, his blazing blue eyes iced over in denial.

"Did I tell him to sleep with Rae?" His question rang true.

"Did you have to show me?" But mine countered it. He was silenced and I for once in my life had caused the almighty Lore to be speechless. Whoopi freaking doo.

"What could you possibly want from me now?" I was so tired. Tired of losing a game I never knew how to play. Tired of picking the wrong man to love. Slipping the silver chain over my head I chucked it as hard as I could at him. Hitting him solidly in the arm before it pinged softly on the concrete

His eyes never left mine. Unnerved I blinked and looked down. A soft rustle of clothing cued me to his movement. Crouching down in one deft move he scooped up the fallen trinket and simply stared. He hadn't changed. Everything about him oozed sex appeal only now it was more controlled, older. He wasn't some street urchin trying to make a name for himself, he was it. What every boy strived to be. Shutting down that dangerous train of thought I moved to speak only to be cut off violently.

His arms latched onto mine, shaking me senseless.

"You crazy stupid girl." Looking up in anger I had no time to react as his lips sealed off any comment I could have made. I think I just about died. Five years without this. Without his touch, how had I survived off what little Devon had to offer? God how had I fooled myself into thinking anything could compete with this?

Breaking away I turned and hugged myself shivering in the cold. His warm body heat leaving as space gapped between us. The tears fell then, in massive torrents.

"What do you want Lore? You left remember. You had me and you left." It came out as a sobbing mess but he understood none the less.

"Because you belong with me." God how long had I ached to hear those words, to feel his lips…but it just lacked everything I thought it would hold.

"No." I whispered defeated. "You gave up that right five years ago in a hospital twelve blocks from here."

"Rose, I've watched you. All throughout college and the end of high school, you're miserable."

"First of all do you know how creepy you sound right now?" Devon's voice called out of the shadows.

"Look you little shit she doesn't love you, she loves me, she's going to be married to ME. You don't even have street cred anymore, from what I heard you forfeited the gang over to Lynx." My jaw dropped in surprise…he wasn't a prophet anymore?

"How pathetic are you, she doesn't even love you." Devon continued to taunt. Lore finally broke, his composure effectively shattered he pulled out an old friend. Well this is familiar.

"Would both of you relax." Lynx strolled out of the ally way Devon just vacated. Forcing the desert eagle back at his side Lore just stood there, jaw clenched in vehemence.

"Lore, you still haven't gotten to the point of this little rendezvous? The French word rolled off his tongue with a practiced ease.

"So screwing me over wasn't his main goal?" I asked bitterly.

"Course not sugar, screwing you maybe, screwing you over - highly doubtful." I let that disgusting comment slide as it was said under his breath.

"It won't matter, she's not going to be with you, she belongs to me." When did he get so possessive, he used to be sweet and mild mannered? I suppose I just know how to pick em.

Lore ignored Devon for the time being and faced me. "I've been trying to do this for a while and no big mouthed fuck up is going to stop me." Insert pointed glare in Devon's direction.

Yanking rather forcefully on my arm, I tripped ungracefully into his arms. "I'll give it all up for you if you just say yes." He held the ring up to my line of sight, baffled at what he was trying to ask me. I stared for a moment before it clicked. My body turned to jello. He…he was leaving for me, because of me.


For the first time today I saw real hurt in his eyes, and I felt horrible. Needing to clarify I went to explain but was again roughly yanked away into another pair of muscled arms.

"There you have it she doesn't love you, she's mine." Seething in annoyance I used my limited vision to seek Lynx out. We made eye contact and I nodded at his questioning glance. A resounding boom was heard as Lynx shot an inch away from Devon's foot. Leaping in surprise his hold slackened.

"Do that again and I'll make sure he doesn't miss." I hissed in his direction. Cursing I saw Lore's form fading into the smog as he walked dejectedly away. Anxiety kicked in as I started to run. Tripping solidly on a rock I went down hard. Skinning my hands and cutting up my knee badly. To make matters worse the clouds decided to dump their icy waters over the city and me.

It was all just too much. I quit. Lying down on the cold cement I let the rain wash over my face mixing with all the tears I had left. How much can you throw at person before they break? When is enough, enough?

Warm hands wrapped me up in a leather embrace, carrying me weightlessly to an abandoned building. Sitting huddled in a corner I shivered in his hold. Stripping himself of his jacket he wrapped me up in its cool confines.

Water dripped off his hair, and skin adding to the chill. We stayed that way for a good minute or so until he spoke.

"I don't know what you want anymore Rose. I still love you and I still want to be with you but you won't tell me what you need." His statement was filled with uncertainty and stress.

"I want you. All of you. I don't need you to leave your gang Lore, that's like asking you to leave your family." His arms constricted around me leveling me with the floor. His hands ran hot across my cold skin. The warmth spread pleasantly throughout my body till it threatened to consume me. His mouth was my brand of poison and I urged the infection. No one else could make me feel this mindless. For a few blissful moments I let myself be.

His arms provided comfort and his body a perfect resting spot after…such extra curricular activities. I felt so content and sleepy. I just about passed out till I heard him ask,

"Marry me Rose." There it was in black and white. The words I waited years to hear. Smiling softly I replied.

"You couldn't have picked a more romantic spot to propose?" Laughing softly to myself as he glared playfully at me.

"Say yes." He whispered in my ear. "Say it."


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