This poem is dedicated to a guy I thought loved meā€¦someone I truly love but he proved what I meant to him by hurting me immensely the poem is the result. If ur curious as to what happened feel free to email me lol it happened a while ago and though it still stings its now just a story. I'd love it if you told me what you thought so please review. Much love.

Forget me Not

Time passed yesterday without a second glance,

Lost in a world of memories that never had a chance,

The tears are my hours streaming down my skin,

Locked in a race, impossible to win,

I wonder if you know the pain you caused by saying it was forever,

Ripped my soul to shreds and left me to put it back together,

The fire in your eyes blazed a hole into my life,

Just another misconstrued illusion of what I thought felt right,

You twisted my words till they lie broken in your hand,

And still I stood by your side trying to understand,

How someone once so sweet, my love, could turn away

But you showed me what I am to you. Just another forgotten yesterday

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