A/N: About the last day of school...so confusing...not much else to say....R&R me, I'll R&R you.



Static pulsing through my head

Be happy, be angry, be loud, be sad

And all the while-never change

Stay the same and keep in place

Yearbook signings all the same

Repeat, repeat, sign your name

Seniors leaving us to go

Someplace better and I hope they know

We love them, we miss them, we won't say a word

Tears streaming down her face is enough to be heard

Sophomores picking out their class rings

I stay inside as the bell dings

She's leaving; he's annoyed,

They're depressed and I feel void

This is pathetic, terrible, really just miserable

Just say what you think and please write it down

Teachers handing us work 'cause we walk around

Don't they know I'm screaming inside?

Don't they know I have to say goodbye?

Hugs and kisses float around the halls

Yesterday, I hated you, right now, you're gold

And even though we'll be back Monday

We know our last time is Friday

Watching everyone walk through this place

That we've come to love and come to hate

It's been fun, it's been odd, I need to bolt, I wanna run

Reflections of the year running through my head

Fast-forwarding to next year, the one I dread

And I've learned so much so fast so far

Fall in love, say goodbye, try to live and hope to die

The buses come and no one's on them

We're not leaving; we're not done yet

I still need to give you my heart, your pen

So everyone hangs around till the end

See you in September, friend