Insomniac's Rapsody
By Trang An


Wassup Henry
This be Tracy
Appreciate the present
When you bought it, was your head bent? O.o
Nah, I'm just kiddin'
You're a friend I can confide in
Thanks for coming to my party
My other friends, for me please pardon
They're a crazy bunch
Who are much cooler when they don't act drunk
You probably wonder, why do I rhyme?
'Tis late, the time
And I am bored as heck
Hope I'm not a pain in the neck
Zai jian for now
And I leave with a bow

Posted 2/4/2005 at 12:22 AM


Hey Bryan, wassup
how come you all down in the dumps?
this be your pal, Tracy
pardon me, I feel spacey
you wonder, why do I rhyme
look down below, at the time
I posted this pretty late, that I did
Boy, do I feel like a kid
On your face, get that there frown
And turn that thing upside down
Don't worry, be happy my dear
For many people's luck are not so near
Things will look up, you shall see
Who knows, maybe the sky will rain candy :p

Posted 2/4/2005 at 12:41 AM


Hey there Chase
Which rhymes with bass
This here's Tracy
Dude, I feel lazy
Why do I rhyme?
Look down at the time
I'm feeling bored
Help me lord
So how's calculus?
Is it really you plus me equal us?
Weird, that I am
Hmm, I want some spam :p
3rd period calc's not as bad as I'd thought it'd be
In my class is Phi
Priscilla's in there too
We have hard homework, boo
I heard Dettmar's taken my seat
He must be beat
Haha, I'm just kiddin'
That desk's available for anyone to sit in
Nice view, that it is
With all the squirrels and bunnies
You and Justin going crazy?
I'm thinkin', hmm maybe
Man, calculus is a real (bleep)
Oh man, look at the time; I should be counting sheep
I'll talk to you later dude
Or if I'm in the mood

Posted 2/4/2005 at 1:05 AM


Hey there Memo
This is Tracy, dontcha know
I am bored, as you can see
Boy, does my brain feel empty
You wonder, why do I rhyme?
Look down below, at that there time
I'm in trouble, do you know?
I feel like jumping out the window
I got a D on my semester report card
I shall receive harsh punishment, survival will be hard
I'm very worried
I am going nowhere in a hurry
I don't know if I can still be a part of your play
I am unsure if my parents' anger will be at bay
Once they see that grade
My fate has been made
So prepare a substitute, just in case
I don't survive my punishment mace
I am very dead
And stressed in the head
Farewell, I am a goner
But perhaps I'll return as a vampire :D

Posted 2/4/2005 at 3:54 AM