Of Our Final Existence

By: Silena Buckelew

Written: October 17, 2000

Author's Note: Old Short-Story. It's seems rather…odd but curious…In all truth...I'm not sure what the plot is; it's a spur-of-the moment thing from years ago, after all...Well, anyway…Please Review!


I seem to forever drift into darkness as the light seems to fade from the farthest reaches of my heart. As the world seems to continuously change every moment. I seem to never change but I am certain that I do.

I remember when I was part of the ever changing world…but though I am still here I am not of that ever living and dying society. I became only a small part of the world but now I understand the changes.

I don't see why the people of this world take all they have for granted. Life, love, and luxury are only one part of their ever-changing destiny. I, who have become one of the world's many gracious observers, have come to accept this part of my destiny.

This destiny of mine, and soon be all that live, is to watch from the ever walk-able 'middle world.' As most who come here the power they gain, to see into everyone's ever changeable mind, will drive them to madness and seemingly seal their souls into insanity. Eventually we all came to accept this, our destiny.

The power to see, the power to feel, the power to hear, and the power to never touch are the powers we gained. These powers from our previous existence are intensified 100 fold. Normal people would not be able to withstand this power, which just happened to be the reason of our path to insanity.

Soon maybe us 'middle people' will find our final part in our destiny on account of what we did in our first existence but of nothing in our second. Existence is best be enjoyed by us 'middle people' but we seem to not try, and await our final judgment.

But after our final existence, which we never know when will come, there may be nothing… Is there…? …Or is there nothing…? …Is there even a final existence for us…? We may never know…until it comes…