Johnny Black


In a room of white sits Johnny Black

Watching the floor drowning in a sea of red

Pondering, with a knife in his back

On his lips his last words he has never said


Drips of blood dictate the flow of time

Johnny had never enough of it

Always hunting after trains of thought

But now he has to wait and sit


Now what did they do to reason and rhyme

Black holes of loss inside his mind

Stitches of salvation they've brought

'cos he hadn't what they hoped to find


Johnny Black sits in a white room

But he has left it a long time ago

When he had to welcome his doom

and watched it from the front row


Yet the last lights have gone out

Black, glassy eyes shine like stars

Keeping their secret safe and proud

Deep within the soul of dark night


He gave his live, just to keep her save

His own holy queen of all dirty bars

Now he's bound to watch her from his grave

Oh Johnny, out of mind, out of sight