A heart as cold as ice


"I HATE YOU" shouted a girl the age of 15 her power blue eyes were filling with tears. Her light brown hair was tangled and all over the place.

"Fuck off, does it look like I care" a young lad about the same age shouted back.

"Exactly, you don't care"

"What's that suppose to mean"

"You know what I mean"

"I do?"

"Yeah, you do."

He stared at her with questioning look on his face.

"You don't care about anyone but your self, a heart a cold as ice" she spat out

"I suppose im some kind of monster"

the girl just stood there thinking of what to say, she hated him but she didn't think he was a monster a vain little prick that cares only for him self yes but not a monster.

"Some evil thing that has no feelings" he said

"What are you trying to prove derrick"

"Ha… who said im trying to prove something; maybe you're the one who's trying to prove something"

"God, you're always there in my face"

"What, im not always in your face"

"Yes you are, always looking down at me as if im some kind of…of 3rd class citizen"

"For fucking sake Jessie"

"Fuck off"

"Fine if your going to be like that I will, im glad am getting out of this hell hole"

"So im I, but then I wish you would be moving farer than derby"

"At least I won't be able to see your ugly mug"


"Well I think that's all to say"

"Beep, beep" a car had pulled up ageist the curb. Derrick took one last look at Jessie before getting in the car god she will never know he thought.

Jessie just stood there watching the car drive away. He's finely gone it's not like I wanted him to stay, no way. Jessie's thoughts raced though her mind over and over again.