She wiped her hands on the front of her dress and took a deep breath. Unsure of what was going to happen next, the young Hopeful stepped forward and into the giant arena. The Test of the Mages finally began!

Crysta studied her whole life for this moment, the day when she would take the test all young Hopefuls took, the day when perhaps the magyk would accept her and her eyes would turn the color of dark amethysts.

Every year on the same day the Hopefuls were tested, those who did not make it the first time were sent home, never to return. Wishing beyond reason, Crysta prayed to become a mage, one of those chosen by the magyk, only a few Hopefuls made it each year, and she planned to be one of them.

Now it was her turn, she glided into the first room, closing the door behind her silently. If she answered all questions correctly, she would advance to the next door and then room beyond that. Calming her mind, Crysta slowly but surely answered all of the historical questions posed to her, knowing in her mind that they were correct. The instructor stood up, opened the next door for her, and she passed through.

The next test was on the uses of the magyk, how and when to utilize it's power. Passing this test, Crysta advanced to the third and final room. This was the Test of Will room, this was where all the other students failed. The High Mage of Magyk would ask the magyk to grace her body, soul and mind. If the magyk found the Hopeful worthy, the eyes of the student would change, and he would posses the power of whatever element the magyk deemed he should have. There were the rare times when the magyk would give the Hopeful power over more than one element, the highest gift being the power over al the elements.

" Are you ready?" The High Mage asked. Crysta took one more deep breath, glanced about the mirror filled room and nodded.

"Good, then the test of will shall commence." The High Mage began murmuring a melodic enchantment, and Crysta watched as the purple hued magyk formed itself into a ball over his outstretched hands. The aura from the ball reflected in the walls of the rooms until each panel was glowing with the amethyst light. Surrounded with the light, Crysta felt as if the light was holding her, gently, almost as if she'd been plunged into a fire to find that it wasn't burning her, but giving her life. Then the light died down, and the ball of magyk in the High Mage's hands grew smaller until it all disappeared.

"Look in the mirror…" The High Mage commanded quietly. Crysta did so immediately, her own face staring back at her, her brown eyes changing slowly into the darkest purple she'd ever seen. "…Mage. Welcome to your new home."