Broken inside
Bleeding profusely; unable to hide
All the anger within my heart.
Shot and shredded by a poisoned dart.

It was inevitable
I knew the end was near.
After 94 years and so many strokes,
Why should I shed a tear?

She's at peace now,
But I am torn.
Destroyed and shaken
Burning with ire.

Buried beneath a sea of tears
Struggling, choking, gasping for air.
Speaking and acting with no thought.
Just trying to swim to the surface.

Pushed back under by tidal waves
I can't keep resisting.
Trying a little
But unable to let go.

I'm so damned frustrated with everything and everyone right now.
Everything hurts more than before.
So be careful that you do not cross me today
For if you do, I might not be responsible for what I say.