Forget the way he held you

Like he never could let go

Forget the smell of his body

Of the places he'd never show

Forget the way his hand

Lifted the curl from your face

Forget the gleam of his eyes

That laughed at your weak grace

Forget the kindness he showed

That you had never had before

Forget feeling special to him

To feel what it was like to soar

Forget the romantic whispers

The deep sweet dramatic way

Forget the way he held himself

The way he sat, the way he lay

Forget his body up against yours

Warm flesh molded in perfet form

Forget his arms around yours

Soothing the wounds that were torn

Forget the late night phone calls

That had you thinking all day long

Forget his deep and whimsical voice

Longing to break out in song

Forget the way he seemed to care

Holding you dearly and breathing

Forget how you thought you could last

Dreams, they were, drenched in feeling

Forget his silly conversations

Ones that had you laughing 'till it hurt

Forget the smell of his neck

His hands, his lips, his shirt

Forget the way he made you feel

Like you were the only one in the world

Forget the star-gazing nights

And the way he made your heart twirl.

I keep telling myself to forget

Bury the feeling deep within my soul

Why won't this pain just leave me,

In this world so bitterly cold?