I don't know how
To deal with this.
I thought I could
But the longer
It goes on ...
It gets worse.

I'm not good at denial
And being denied ...
I've had too much of that,
What I want, and need,
And I wish
I knew the answer.

If it had some goal,
Some ending,
That would help.
But it doesn't appear to
And that's the
Hardest part.

Leaden weights press
Down on my days.
When, what I really
Want to do
Is fly, from thislimbo,
To some happier place.

Happiness is fleeting
And when I try
To grasp it
It trickles through my fingers
Like water or grains of sand ...
I can't keep it.

I try to live in
The present.
But the now
Isn't what I want.
I need that
Promised fulfilled future.

And impatiently
I want it now.
For always.
It torments me.
And I wait.

A/N: I know ... I KNOW! Don't say anything! Well, I know you know ... XXX