Stabbed in the back here I lie

Moments flash in my vision as I die

You left me to bleed

I hope you're happy with this deed

Love hurts, I know that now

With a knife in me, to you I bow

You, my, god that I loved; then this happened with one blade

It's searing metal breaking skin with a handle of jade

No more time to delay

Run away, you've left me betrayed

Bleeding and faltering breath I lie as a crumpled form

Stabbed in the back, my soul has adjourned

My body broken, withered, gone

I can't believe the relationship lasted this long

You bastard, leaving me to die

But looking down from above I cried

The scar is there, from when I realized

Love hurts, this fact left me surprised

I learned as you stabbed in the back

A viscous attack

Being stabbed in the back.