"I'm just Lying" By: Cassandra Freiborg 6/12/05

I live in the dead places,

the ones you people call home,

a dusty enviroment,

that leaves me feeling alone.

All the walls stay white,

although graying with time,

whatever happened to,

when life was sublime?

So now I burn music,

waste my time away,

I could be doing something more,

instead of wasting my day.

And my friend IMs me at eleven,

says she feels like she's dying,

like she's wasting all she has,

and I started crying.

I stared at my computer,

tell her she's right,

but you cant think that way,

you wont last through the night.

No matter how hard you want,

to make a difference or two,

I'll all just come back,

to be about you.

Selfish and greedy,

thats the human race,

what we really need to do,

is give each other some space.

And I dont care much,

about material things,

but by now you shoud know,

I'm just lying.