Warning, this isn't for kids. Its a slow developing plot, but it will contain nudity, violence, curse words and gore much later on.

Family, And Bitter Siblings

"Alright Gemini, put your sister down right this instant!" Mother yelled angrily. My brother was holding me by my ears, and watching me bawl in pain. "Sure, whatever bitch! And here's your ugly little whelp!" Gemini replied back, as he threw me down on the hard, wood floor next to her feet. "Don't you ever talk to me like that. I'm your mother!" She replied again, as her hand smacked the right side of his face, leaving a red hand print. He glared hatefully back her, while his amber eyes began to glow, and as he bared his fangs.

"You are not my real mother! I don't have to listen to anything you have to say, nor do I have to love you or that half breed!"Gemini shouted as he shook a long claw at me.

Before she could say anything else, he stormed out of the house with his long purple hair flowing behind him, and I started to cry once more. My mother then bent down to pick me up, and cradled me in her arms. She brushed my dark, purplish hair out of my eyes and wiped away my tears with a damp cloth. She checked both my ears and the side of my head for injuries, and that's when I winced in pain. "Ow mommy, that hurt!" I said as her hand touched a certain spot that had become swollen and painful. " Aw, you've got a bump on your head! I'm so sorry sweetie! I'm so sorry he did this to you!" Mother said as she tried to soothe me.

I nuzzled my face into her jet black hair, as she took out some herbs from the cabinet. She pulled out the mortar and pestle, poured various pungent smelling herbs in it, and started to crush them together. As she did so, I looked up into her amethyst colored eyes, and finally asked the two questions that had been burning me for so long. "Mother, what is a half breed? And why won't the other were bats in the village play with me?" She stopped, and looked directly in my eyes, with such pain and sadness reflected in them. She then smiled lightly as she brushed the hair once more out of my face, and sat me in a chair.

"Amethyst, sweetie, don't even listen to what your half siblings or the other children say about you. You're a very beautiful young girl, and the others are just jealous. You have your father's ears, his tail, and you have my eyes. Your hair color is a blend of both of ours, and we both love you very much." She reached out and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. "Then, why does Gemini and Virgo hate us both so much?" I finally asked. She paused at this, then looked away from me. She then stared at the window. "I don't really know dear. Except that it has something to do with their real mother leaving them at an early age. She went mad, possibly because of the illness she was suffering. Then, one day she abruptly disappeared. She left no note, no nothing to indicate she was leaving. No one has seen or heard from her since. So, they blame me. Then, there is the other reason." She then stared down into the sink. Because I'm a creature known as a homunculi, and you are a half of one." She sighed as she turned back to the mortar and pestle, and started crushing the herbs together. She pulled out a long piece of white cloth, and poured the crushed herbs inside. "Sometimes beings that are different from each other, fall in love.

They look similar to us and even have intelligence much like ours. But." She paused again.

"The families and those of the same ilk, don't always except the spouses and children of those that are different from them." She then dampened the cloth with warm water, then proceeded to wrap it around my head. "What do you mean mother? I'm confused!" I said to her. "Well, let me put it another way. If a were bat falls in love with another were bat, that relationship is welcomed with open arms. But, if a were bat falls in love with say another type of were, a homunculi or, God forbid, a human; then the couple is subjected to ridicule, criticism and being ousted." I frowned at this answer. "I see." I responded sadly, as I stared at the tops of my sandals. Mother then picked me up and cradled me in her arms. "Hush! Don't you worry your little head about it no more. It will get better for us, you'll see. It's time for you to go to sleep. You need to rest while that poultice heals that bump on your head." She carried me to my bedroom, and place me in bed with my favorite doll. She picked up my soft, yellow blanket, and covered me up to my chin.

I curled my small tail around my belly, then fell into a deep sleep. I knew that deep down inside, what she said about things getting better wasn't entirely true. And sure enough, 15 minutes later, I awoke to the sound of her sobbing in the other room . I wanted to get up and comfort her, but my head was still throbbing with so much pain. I continued to listen, then finally fell back asleep. I awoke again much later, to the sound of my dad's footsteps entering my bedroom. I yawned, and rubbed my eyes, as he kneeled beside my bed. I looked directly in his brown eyes, and I could see concern in them. "Dad, you're back!" I said as he embraced me. He removed the poultice from my head. "Hmm, you seem to look alright now. All you have now is a small bump, and bruise. Luckily, that's all it was." He sighed softly." I then stared quizzically at him, wondering what he mean't. I was only 5 then, so I was really too young to understand fully what was going on. He kissed the bump on my forehead, and then he picked me up in his arms as I grabbed for my doll. I started tugging at his long ,purple braid and his silk coat as he carried me into the kitchen.

As he sat me down in the chair, my mother called him over in a stern voice. "Aries dear, we need to have a talk. Outside, now!" My mom crossed her arms, and had that look in her eye that said this was serious. And he wasn't going to be able to back out of it. It was funny how he towered over her like that, and yet she was the one leading him outside. I pulled the bowl of hot soup in front of me, when my half sister Virgo slipped into the chair next to me. At first she just simply removed the red headband from her long hair, and started combing it. I looked as I was eating and noticed how her looked more bluish than purple. She pulled her long hair back behind her ears, then slipped the headband back on. At first I thought she was going to ignore me, until her oval shaped ears started to twitch. She turned to look at the door outside, then my oval shaped ears began to twitch. I knew that from the sound of things, they were most likely arguing. Then, Virgo's ears perked up at the mentioning of Gemini's name.

That's when she turned around, clasped her face in both her hands, and narrowed her eyes at me. I just stared down at my bowl, and continued to eat as if nothing was wrong. "Hey! What did you do this time, you little twirp?" She said angerily. I just ignored her, but it did no good. "I'm talking to you, little bitch!" I looked up at her this, and saw that her amber eyes were now glowing a yellowish orange. " I didn't do anything! It was Gemini! He was pulling at my ears again!" Virgo then snorted. " Oh I didn't do anything!" she said mocking me. "Everything is always going to be YOUR fault, because YOU were born! And you are nothing but a little freak!" I felt stung by those very words, and my eyes began to tear up once more. "That's not true!" My mom and dad say I'm very pretty, and you are just jealous!" That's when my half sister snorted, began to laugh out loud. "Do you really believe that bullshit? You really think thats why none of the others play with you? Face it kid, your a joke! No one wants to play with half breeds! Only pure bloods like me and my brother! All you ever do is stay holed up in your house, stuck to your mother's tit!"

I felt a lot of fury and anguish at what she said! With hot tears running down my cheeks, I clenched my fist and gnashed my teeth. "I'll show you! I'll show you all I can make friends!" She then rolled her eyes at me. " Oh whatever!" My mom then walked inside, and saw me crying. " What's going on in here? I was sobbing too much to be able to speak. My mom wrapped her arms around me. "What did you do to her, Virgo?" My mom said glaring at her. "Nothing! She's just a crybaby!" She replied. I stood up and wrapped my arms around my mom. "That's not true!". My mother rubbed my head to soothe me. "Go straight to your room Virgo! Your father and I will deal with you, after your brother comes home. Gemini, walked towards the front door, when father stopped him outside.

I was watching from the bathroom window, and I can tell he was very upset with my brother. His ears were flat on the top of his head, and there was burning glare in his eyes. After he exchanged some angry words that I couldn't hear to Gemini, he then pulled his ear and walked toward the back. I already knew what was about to happen, and sure enough, I could hear both the sound of his wailing and his ass being whipped. When I did something wrong, I was at least lucky my backside wasn't beaten with a leather whip. Maybe a paddle, but nothing so harsh. I wouldn't understand until much later, why my father was so hard on the twins, and what they had done to deserve such treatment. Virgo also had the same done to her, if not worse. But it never did anything to change the fact they hated me so much. Or the things that would transpire later. They were both 13 at the time, yet they didn't act exactly like the other adolescent lycanthropes.