Kat Shelton felt like a giant truck (full of Tequila) had hit her. Her brain pounded on the walls of her skull and her stomach had twisted itself into a tight pretzel. Heavy drinking was not her strong point, so Kat wasn't completely surprised when everything from the night before was a bit fuzzy.

Let's see…Kat had just closed a major case with the rest of the Fugitive Task Force. Then Pete, a team member, had suggested that her and a few guys go out for a drink, or two. (Or ten).

The Haven was full of its usual crowd and second-hand smoke. The regulars knew they were all cops and tended to avoid them as much as possible. The five partners sat down at the table in the back and talked about the recently closed case. Frank, Pete and Tom were all her team leaders. It was her first year on the Task Force, but she had become great friends with all of them, especially with Jojo. Kat looked up to him. He was her mentor, 15 years older than she was and tough as nails. So Kat of course had to except his challenge to a drinking contest.

Kat couldn't remember who had won the contest. Either way, her stomach was named the loser. Kat winced as the sun had rudely decided to shine through the window. She sighed knowing that she probably had to be at work in an hour or so. She managed to open her eyes a little bit more, but it was enough. It was enough to see that she wasn't where she was supposed to be. Kat wanted to believe that she had hung a Beatles poster in her room last night. She wanted to believe that she had rearranged all the furniture and picked up a vintage 1970's end table on the side of the curb and placed it by her bed. But she knew there was no way that she did.

Staring at Paul McCartney boyish grin, Kat realized she was in someone else's house. In someone else's room. In someone else's bed. And—oh shit….

Kat tensed as the hand resting on her stomach shifted and gained a stronger grip on her. A leg draped over her thigh squeezed a little tighter. The warm skin against her back sent a heat over her body as a soft breath swept across the nape of her neck.

She had been so out of it that she didn't even realize the person lying next to her.

Kat wanted to cry at this situation. She was not the type to have one night stands. Shit, she wasn't the type to condone one night stands. She had too many problems for this to be happening to her. Damn Tequila!

Kat stayed as still as possible while she went over her escape plan in her head. The last thing she wanted to do was to wake the guy up and have an awkward conversation. She gently picked up the guy's hand and moved her legs to the edge of the bed. The man sighed deeply into her hair and moved his leg tighter around her. Kat bit her lip and after a few moments of stillness she tried to move again. No luck, he had her in a strong hold. Who said guys don't cuddle?

Kat held her breath and in one quick motion brought her legs up to her chest and rolled off the bed onto the floor landing right on her butt. She froze, praying that the movement and the sound of her ass hitting the floor didn't wake him up. She slowly peered up over the edge of the mattress and found that he was still sleeping.

His dark hair was matted and his masculine nose flared whenever he exhaled. His hand swept over the empty space where Kat had been lying. His hand stopped suddenly and he breathed out in a deep sigh. For a second Kat thought she was caught, but he turned onto his back and seemed to fall back into deep sleep.

When Kat heard the reassuring sound of light snoring, she stood up started the search for her clothes. While picking up her discarded outfit, she tried to figure out how she managed to make the dumbest decision in her twenty-six years of life.

She was at the Haven with her team and was drinking shots with Jojo. That part Kat remembered clearly. So were did it go wrong?

Kat was wearing her usual jeans and a tight black sweater. The Haven wasn't a very dressy place; some could even mistake it as a biker bar. The team all had a few drinks together and carried on with the usual bullshit. After, Kat had downed four shots with Jojo. Frank announced that he had to leave or his wife would "cut his balls off". Pete and Tom left a little while later. Jojo had another drink with Kat and decided that he was "getting to old to be out all night drinking."

Kat stayed, enjoying herself for some odd reason. She found out that building a pyramid out of shot glasses was not as easy as it looked after four beers and five shots of tequila. The shot glasses had refused to stay up, but Kat had a good laugh with the bartender when they all fell down.

"You need to put them closer together" a man suggested standing next to Kat. Without an invitation, he sat down and built the drunken man's pyramid.

Kat frowned at the structure. She could have done it if she wanted to. She gave the man a weak smile and "accidentally" knocked it over.

The man looked at her, his bright green eyes wide. Then he laughed. Kat giggled. "I'm Charlie." He said holding out his hand.

"Kat." She smiled and shook his hand. Then she smirked mischievously. He was gorgeous and it wasn't just the tequila talking.

After that, they had a few drinks and some interesting conversations. He got a little tipsy and began to babble about how people from the east coast say "pop" and west coasters say "soda". Kat really didn't understand a word of it, so feeling as brave as she did, she grabbed Charlie's collar and kissed him. Then she sat back waiting for a reaction. Charlie smiled and crashed his lips onto hers.

Their lips never seemed to have separated during the trip from the bar to his place. Feeling absolutely magnetic, they knew they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Kat cringed as the scenes from last night came back to her memory. She was not the type to pick up guys in bars. She wanted to curse herself for being so stupid. She knew better than to go home with a complete stranger. He could have been a psychotic killer for all she knew.

Almost fully dressed, Kat had found everything except her sweater. She glanced at Charlie one last time and then left the room. His living room was a mess. A chair and a standing lamp had been tipped over and were now lying on the floor. Papers were thrown from the table and a leather jacket was hung over a plant. Obviously the scene of drunken love.

Kat finally found her sweater in the couch cushion along with his shirt. She pulled it over her head and found her purse sitting by the door. Kat grabbed it and reached for the doorknob. She hesitated. She was responsible for half the mess. And she didn't want Charlie to remember her as the "one night stand that left a huge mess".

She picked up the lamp and set it up straight. She straightened the chair and put it up at the dining table and picked up some papers that had fallen onto the floor.

"Morning." A voice said from behind her.

Kat froze. It was a pleasant voice, but it still sent daggers into her stomach. She looked up at Charlie who was standing in his boxers in the bedroom doorway. His dark hair was sticking up in all directions. His bare chest revealed a hot, but not overly toned body. By the way he was looking at her, she figured that he had been watching her for a while.

"Hi." She said as casually as she could.

He smiled at her and rubbed the back of his neck. Kat wanted to scold herself for still thinking he was attractive. "What are you doing?" he asked with a smile.

"I…I was just picking some things up." Kat told him mumbling a little.

"You don't have to do that." He smiled and walked all the way into the living room.

"All right." Kat said and reached for the door.

"You leaving?' he asked curiously stepping closer to her.

Kat tensed a little, finding it hard to not concentrate on the gorgeous, half-naked man. "Yeah, I should go." She told him quietly, looking into his eyes-gorgeous green.

"I can make breakfast." He offered, putting the cushion back on the couch.

Kat smiled even though she was screaming inside. "Thanks Charlie, but have to be at work in a little while."

Charlie looked a little confused, but then nodded. "You sure? I can make a mean omelet." He said making a small laugh.

Kat smiled. "That's nice of you…but I really have to go." She told him nicely.

"I just didn't want you to feel like you had to leave…you know after…" he said and trailed off as he began to blush.

Kat nodded and looked for something else to keep her eyes on. But then they swept back to Charlie. Kat stood there for what like seemed an eternity.

"I've never done this before" Kat said finally. She laughed nervously and looked up at him.

He sighed heavily and smiled. "Me either, I don't know…what to do…" he said.

"I should probably just go." Kat said holding the doorknob.

"No. Wait." Charlie said walking up to her.

Kat flinched but kept her cool.

Charlie leaned against the door with his head resting on the wood. He looked at her sweetly and raised his hand. Kat brought her hand up in defense until she realized that he was brushing some dark blond hair off of her face and placed it behind her ear. She smiled at the sweet gesture.

"Last night was…" he started but stalled.

"Blurry?" Kat offered, trying to finish his sentence.

He smiled and shook his head. "I was going to say 'great', but 'blurry' works too."

Kat made a small laugh.

"I didn't really expect this." He said looking at his apartment and then looked back at her keeping his eyes locked on her.

"Me either." Kat said almost shrugging. She didn't know if she should just bolt out the door or listen to the guy who was obviously trying to let her down easy.

"I know this is weird…but I had this feeling this morning." He said stepping closer to her. "I feel like I have to see you again."

Kat blinked. That was not what she expected. She wondered if that was actually what came out of mouth or if it was her mind playing tricks on her.

"So?" he said after Kat didn't respond.

Kat snapped back into attention. "Huh?"

"Can I see you again?" he said smiling sweetly and gently held onto her hand.

Kat had no idea of what was going on. She paused and looked at him closely. She could understand why he was hard to resist when she was drunk, because she could barely resist him now.

"You don't have to…" he said, his smile turning into a frown.

"No…I…just…oh jeez." Kat mumbled. "Yeah…I guess." She said not sure of what else to say. Her baby blue eyes pinned themselves to the floor trying to hide the unfamiliar feeling of embarrassment.

Charlie smiled and lowered his lips softly onto hers. Kat froze; yet again she was unsure of what to do. But then something inside her ignited and she kissed him back. She was then overcome of another unfamiliar feeling; she assumed this was what "lust" felt like. She assumed that this is what all the trashy novels her mother read described. This is what she assumed made all women "glow" and giddy.

Feeling that Kat was into the kiss, Charlie held onto her hips and stood her up against the door making sure that there was no space between them. He began to kiss her hungrily while Kat ran her hands over his body. It was like that had done a thousand times before. Every touch perfect, every kiss sweet.

But then a moment of clarity hit and Kat opened her eyes. She didn't know this guy. He was still a stranger and Kat didn't have the tequila to blame anymore. She pushed him away and tried to catch her breath. Charlie looked at her with confusion and went in for another kiss. Kat pushed on his chest. He stopped and took a step back.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked breathing heavily.

"No. No…I just, I have to go." She said, all of a sudden numb.

"Okay." He whispered. "Here…" he said and handed her a piece of paper.

Kat looked at it, it was blank.

"Can I have your number?" he asked looking at her intently.

"Sure." Kat said and wrote her number quickly and handed it back to him.

"Can I call you tonight?" he asked.

Kat couldn't help but smile. A gorgeous guy wanted to call her after a night of meaningless passion.

"Yeah." She said and opened the door. "Bye." She smiled and then walked out, trying desperately not to break into a jog.

"Bye." He said and watched her as she walked down the hall.

Kat got onto the elevator and slouched against the back wall, her eyes staring blankly at the shiny, metallic door that revealed her blurry reflection. "What did you do?" she asked herself and ran her fingers through her tangled hair. The elevator stopped on the fourth floor and an older gentlemen stepped on, giving Kat a smile and a nod. Kat did the same and watched the doors close again. The night ran around in her head. A drink here, a kiss there…"No, no, no, no, no." she said and stomped her foot. The man looked back at her in strange curiosity.

Kat smiled. "Monday's, huh?"