"What the fuck?" Jack asked, completely confused and angry. "How did you get in here?"

Julie smiled. Her hair had changed from black to a shade of dark red. She was wearing a pant suit and had crimson painted lips that curled deviously. "Hey there, Jack."

"What are you doing?" Jack asked, his tone loud and angry. He slammed the door and stalked up to the bed.

"A friend of mine happens to run this hotel. She had mentioned a tall, dark handsome man that had checked in. I came by to pick her up for lunch yesterday and she pointed you out on the surveillance video in her office as you walked into the lobby. She was smitten with you."

"You can't be serious." Jack asked in disbelief. Of all the people that could have found out he was back in town, Julie was definitely the one of the worst on the list.

"Kat didn't mention anything….well, not that me and her are on speaking terms…but I'm sure I would have heard something about it." Julie smiled. "You look different."

"What do you want?" Jack asked in a defeated tone. He could already foresee that this was going to end badly.

"What makes you think I want something?" Julie asked innocently. A few beats passed. "Ok, I do want something."

"What?" Jack asked in a sigh.

"We can get to that later, how about we catch up?" Julie asked.

"I'm not going to play any games with you. You can tell Kat I'm here, I don't care. She's not going to believe you anyway." Jack told her, his eyes turning almost black.

"I wasn't going to use Kat as leverage." Julie grinned. "I'll admit that that would be my style….but a person can change."

Jack sighed again and crossed his arms over his chest. "Get to the point, now." He growled.

Julie's eyes went wide and grin went to her lips. "I can see how Kat fell for you."

"Leave." Jack told her with a gruff.

"I want to help, Jack…I know you don't believe me and I can accept that. But I don't want to watch my little sister die at the hands of that man. I know what's going on. I have sources in the department and they say she's absolutely losing it. I…can help. I can." Julie told him, her voice very quiet.

"Why? What's in it for you? And don't say it's a family thing because we all know that's a bunch of bullshit." Jack questioned her.

"Look. I've done horrible things….especially to Kat. But I can redeem myself right? And…to be truly honest…I need to get Martinez as well."

"Fuck." Jack groaned and dropped into a chair across from the bed.

"He's a ticket. I've been fraternizing with this private law firm and Martinez is an enemy. I figure out how to bring him down, I'll be making $10 million a year for them."

Jack just stared at her. He knew that Kat's life was nothing to Julie…but ten million was everything. He also realized that from the short time he had known Julie he had always thought she was just a bad person. He clearly had underestimated her intelligence and her tenacity. He was looking at a shark. A shark that bites the leg off a little chubby kid for the thrill.

"Look, I'm here on FBI business. There's nothing going on with Kat. If she's in some kind of trouble, then I'm sure she can handle it." Jack lied and rose from the chair.

"I saw you coming down the fire escape last night." Julie told him.

"Oh come on! What the fuck!" Jack yelled and flipped the chair on its side. "I hate you. You know that? I hate you!"

Julie smiled. "I know."

Jack gritted his teeth and clenched his hands. "This can't be happening."

"Look, I know….you don't trust me, you're soul is tortured from losing her, you regret oh so many things….I know all that. I want that money. I want that money. I want Martinez. I'm not going to say anything to Kat. I swear. I promise on my salary that I will not tell her."

"I can't do this." Jack told her. "Get out."

Kat cruised Arbor St. with Dallas in tow. She passed by several coffee places, her eyes scanning the street corners. As they passed by the seventh Starbucks, Dallas let out a small laugh. "Coffee?"

"There's a small café I like." Kat said distracted.

When Kat stopped at a light, Dallas tapped on the steering wheel . "Right here." He pointed at a small coffee place on the right.

"No, not that one." Kat said tiredly.

"Yes, that one." Dallas grinned, but his authority rang clear in his voice.

"Roaches." Kat told him.

"Bullshit." Dallas chuckled.

"Seriously…huge ones."

"Kat, pull over, get out of the car, and get some coffee here. " Dallas told her.

"Dallas, open the door and jump into oncoming traffic." Kat told him with a chipper tone.

The light turned green and the car ahead of them slowly pulled into the intersection. Suddenly from the right, a man came dashing across the street with a black handbag in his hand.

"He took my purse!" someone shouted and several pedestrians pointed towards the running man.

Kat hit the pavement running, not even sure how she opened the door so quickly. Her boots splashed against the wet pavement, the rain pelted her, cars honked, people gasped and leapt out of the way. The purse snatcher looked behind him and tried to propel himself faster, moving his arms wildly. Kat shouted for him to stop and identified herself as the police.

The suspect then dashed into the street, making a Volvo screech to a halt. Panicked, he stuttered forward, nearly losing his balance on the slick pavement. Kat leapt, pushing her feet in front of her and slid across the hood of the Volvo, keeping her rhythm as she landed on the other side. Dallas on the other hand, scrambled over the car on all fours and nearly tripped as he landed.

The suspect looked behind him again, astonished that Kat had gained on him so quickly. He let out a wail, much like a wildebeest does when running from a lion. He tossed the handbag over his head and pumped his arms back and forth with all his might. Kat caught the bag with one hand and kept chasing him as he rounded the corner.

"Dallas!" Kat yelled and flung the purse over her head.

Dallas' eyes widened as the handbag came flying at his face. He grabbed it and staggered to keep his balance. Out of breath and soaking wet, Dallas shouted at Kat again as she disappeared around another corner. Dallas slowed to make the corner and felt his lungs starting to burn. He couldn't remember the last time he had been in a foot chase. He wore nice, expensive suits with shoes to match. He had a nice, plush office with a massage chair. He hated the streets.

Dallas cleared the corner and from the pit of his stomach, something felt instantly wrong.

A block ahead, three of Martinez's men were waiting near a black Mercedes. They didn't seem surprised to see Kat either. He looked in the handbag and found it completely empty.

"Kat!" Dallas barked and sped up, despite the pain he was feeling. He ditched the handbag and yelled at Kat again.

And like he suspected, the thief ran straight towards the three men.

This was all an ambush for Kat.

"Kat!" Dallas shouted, only a few steps behind her now. Shit, shit, shit! He yelled at himself.

Kat kept running, not paying attention to anything but her target.

"Kat!" Dallas shouted again. He then practically leapt from the sidewalk and desperately grabbed her jacket by the collar. Kat flung back and lost her footing. They both fell to the concrete with a thud, Kat landing on Dallas and Dallas getting sandwiched between her and the ground. Dallas cringed in pain and clasped both arms around her as she started to wiggle away.

"Let go!" she screamed and started to kick.

"Look!" Dallas panted and gripped even tighter as she began to squirm. "Look!" He barked in her ear and squeezed her until she couldn't move a centimeter. "Do you see that? Do you see what you nearly did? Nearly got yourself kidnapped!" Dallas scolded.

Kat lifted her head and saw the suspect jog to a Mercedes and open the passenger door. She saw three of Martinez's men inside the car looking back at her with disdain and frustration. She watched the car pull into the traffic. The driver of the Mercedes took the time to roll down the window and form a gun with his fingers. He aimed it at Kat, pulled the imaginary trigger and then drove away.

"Son of a bitch!" Kat growled viscously and thrashed around in Dallas's bear grip. "Let go!!!" She screamed.

Dallas held on for dear life. He had to wait for the car to get far enough to where Kat wouldn't be able to catch up to it. Kat kicked and screamed and said a dozen vile words before she let her head fall back on Dallas's shoulder as she let out a defeated breath.

Kat then took that moment of calm to go over what just had occurred. She nearly fell into a trap, she nearly got herself and Dallas killed, and she was soaking wet.

"You okay?" Dallas asked after a few moments.

Kat didn't say anything and wiggled out of his grip. She stood up and watched as the Mercedes disappeared about a mile down the street. For the first time in a while, Kat actually began to feel some sort of fear from the situation. She was beginning to understand what Jojo was talking about. Maybe she was losing her mind, maybe she did have death wish…

"When did this become my life?" she asked no one in particular. Perhaps she was asking God or some invisible guide. Perhaps she was asking herself or the woman she used to be. She frankly didn't care who she was asking, she just wanted an answer.

"I find it hard to imagine your life being anything other than chaotic." Dallas said standing up from the concrete and brushing himself off.

Kat continued to gaze down the street, though the Mercedes was long gone. Dallas's words struck her core. He was right.

Dallas looked around and told the crowding pedestrians that everything was okay. He could hear the sirens of some police cruisers approaching from up the block. "About time." He then looked at his watch and gazed up a Kat.

But Kat was unlike he had ever seen her. Her eyes were blinking back tears. Rain was drenching her, her lips were tinged a light blue, her hands were trembling. For the moment he could tell that Kat the Human was still inside her somewhere. And right then and there he saw her for what she truly was and not the stereotypical bitch he had presumed her to be. She was a cop. A good cop. She put duty and preservation of life above all else, even her own happiness.

"Don't give up on me now, Ms. Shelton." Dallas whispered wrapping his arm around her waist and gently pressed his forehead against hers. "Don't give him the satisfaction." And with that he kissed her temple and walked her back to the car.


"You will work with me, Jack." Julie said and stood from the bed. "Why? Because you love my sister."

Jack fought back his urge to grab Julie by the throat and just nodded. "So what's your plan?"

"I'll have my private investigators contact you." Julie said. "I have a lot of dirt on Martinez that was acquired in ways the FBI wouldn't dare try."

Jack sat still and gazed on. "Fine."

"I will do everything I can to derail Kat from finding out you are here."

"Fine." Jack sighed and stood. He went to the door and opened it. "Have a nice day."

"Don't you want to work on a game plan?" Julie asked. "I mean, shouldn't we have codes or secret names or rendez vous points?"

"I'll call you when I need you." Jack said blandly.

Julie gave a sweet pouty face and headed for the door. "I must say, Kat is a lucky lady." She said in a slight whisper. And then she was gone.

Jack rolled is eyes and flopped himself on the bed face first. How could everything go wrong so fast and so horribly? All he wanted was a little surveillance on her while he tried to shut Martinez down. Now he had half the damn city in on his plan. None of it even made sense anymore. And now Julie was even getting involved which was the last thing he ever expected to happen.

He closed his eyes and tried to picture Kat finding out. He pictured those beautiful blue eyes glaring at him in disbelief, hurt, and disgust. He could picture her not saying a single word as she walked right up to him and gave him a right hook to the temple. He could picture her holding back the tears and walking away. Then he could imagine her slashing his tires on her way to her own car and disappearing from his life for good. He had already caused so much pain to her and to himself. He couldn't take it again.

"Fuck this." Jack growled and picked up his cell phone. He dialed Kat's number and held his breath.