Tell me how I'm supposed to feel and I'll feel it.
One more look and I'm dead.
You bring me down.
You kill me off.
You're a murderer and you don't know.
You slit my wrists.
You bleed my heart.
I'm all I am and you don't know.

Take my life with you when you go.
You can't hurt me if I'm dead.
Can't stop the pain.
Can't stop the blood.
You do this and you don't know.
Rip out my heart.
Stand on it.
You might as well cos you don't know.

I try so hard to be free of this pain.
But you're always there when I try to let go.
You'll never know,
Just what it's like.
You're not me and you don't know.
You don't understand.
You don't care.
This is me and you know who I am.

I'm trying to let go.
But this is me and you don't know.
I can taste it, so close.
I mean this time, I'm gonna......
I can taste the blood.
You know this time I mean it.
I'm trying to hold on.
But if I let go you won't know I'm gone.

Might as well die.
Might as well die for you.
And if I do you'll never know.