I've tried to get away because I feel so suffocated
But it's no use: I've seen it
I couldn't understand when I felt such a throbbing aching
But I felt it: You noticed?
It's always so distorted when it's hiding in the darkness
But it's watching, my darling
I really wouldn't argue if you want to stay alive
You'd better get out: Get Out

The places I have been before I've never understated
It's no different, with this one
I've always felt a terror when I walk across the threshold
And it's here now, enduring
There's a touch of rigor mortis when I try to close my eyes
I'd better step back, and quickly
I'm sorry if you want to take another step inside
But I have seen it, and it's not safe

This place is horrifying and I'll show you what I mean
Because I'm changing, I'm different
I can't get the control that I've required all along
And I am reckless, and brutal
If you don't understand that I need to be alone
I think you're foolish, my darling
There's something inside here that you never will have seen
And it's coming, It's here now

It's ruined now I've turned away, no longer Norman Bates
Or whatever, I don't know
The madness that is eagerly approaching has withdrawn
Without a warning, just silence
I'm worried just in case I'm going crazy but I'm sure
I would have noticed: I think so
But I still feel like I am being watched and now I think
I almost hear it, It's so loud

When everything is quiet and I crawl out on my hands and knees
I'm crying, she's crying
She said that I'd turned into someone different with a passion for
The violence and torture
I wasn't sure if I had understood but I can promise
That I don't know a thing
And it doesn't ever happen but I think that I can feel it coming
Here now, but we're outsideā€¦

And I'm wrong, I must be wrong
I don't trust myself because it's dangerous
And I am cautious
But I am turning into someone different
And it's permanent:
I need to breathe clean air

This pessimism doesn't quite enthrall me like it used to
But I'm sickened, and saddened
I feel a great despair and anger overwhelm the inner halls
Of my mind, I can't see
I'm worried and I'm sweating and I think I'm blacking out
Because I'm not who I once was
And something's got a hold on me I can't hold on for long
You know I love you, but not now

I'm seeing all the flames flick up through broken iron grates
And there's an icon, around a man's neck
Everybody's frightened and they think that he's the devil
Because he locked in the children
This place it is on fire but the man he isn't frightened
He just stands there not burning
I don't see anything of him at all except that he is
Looking at me, he's smiling

I am never quite alone, I feel like something's watching
Every move that I try to make
I'm always so restricted when I realise that I'm not always
Myself now, I'm not sure
These vague impressions of a time before myself are getting much more
Frequent, I think so
I need to get away from here I need some kind of drug
I need a dagger, through my heart.