I'd fail
Rather than come to this:
I have to show some self-respect
And self-restraint
Before I turn into the beast:
"The beast in man"
Is growing in here
And I've got a feeling that it's got my number
And it's got me in it's sights

Oh do try to be gallant
As your dreams turn to horrible nightmares
And the girl who wooed
And coaxed
Three little words out of your trembling mouth
Wanders off with someone less boring

I am not afraid
To sit alone
In the park
In the heat of summer
Dressed in black
Because it becomes me
And reading my book
About Auschwitz

Nails screwed into a coffin lid
With such precision:
She was buried alive
With the undertaker's corpse
What a shame
She tried to escape

Don't let anything happen to you
Ever again
If I could hold you in my arms
And fragment
Into a figment
Of your imagination
I would
But I am sorry that I am here
And that you are not

I hope and pray that this maelstrom never ends
That resurrected, these four limbs will move again
Even after a hard weekend's work
And I can be alive in someone's embrace

What is this injustice?
True love dashed against the rocks
And something impure remains
To live and die without the good grace
To curtsey to the lord of the manor
High up on the cliff top

You were wearing pink that day,
And black.
Clothes that you'd just thrown on
You looked divine
And who was I to stand in your way
As you threw them off
Onto your floor
What an afternoon
Of passion and of pain

You are not here
But I am wasting away
Trying to remember
The scent of your hair