you took my heart, hung it on your wall
smeared it with your ashtray fingers
told me she was beautiful.

gripping my chest, your hands still hurt
as they weave up and down
ripping me up until i won't work, anymore

lost the only piece of me i gave you
till your dirtyman footprints squashed
my body into your eyes, cold empty blue.

i spent a fortune to exorcise your ghost
that still haunts my empty ribcadge
but not even burning you comes close
to saving me.

so stitch me up with fairy tale endings
colour merose petal pretty to
stop the kichen knife defending, my
teardrop, unhealed skin.


as long as your there
my feather-weight gram of sanity
is suffocating. and i would beg, beg
beg of you to leave me alone
if i could lift my head
high enough.