The Four Elements


Can you feel the wind against your back?
Can you feel the rain against your cheek?
As it fall from the clouds up above
Oh lovely rainmaker, I believe

Your silent tear falls against my face
I feel your pain but believe in me
This seductive power takes it away
Feel it wash away all of your screams

Outstretch your hand to feel a soft river
Flowing down onto your tear-stained face
Feel the sweetened drops fall onto your tongue
And taste the joy that was so far away


Flames grow higher
Along with your fury
Nothing is still
Your eyes have gone blurry

Sparks entice you
Cursing you with hatred
Nothing matters
Except for your revenge

Fire in your eyes
And the gun shoots the bullets
Colours of pain
But it's all passed in a moment


Paint with colours of the wind
And seek out this darkened earth
Burying yourself deeper
Into recreated hurt

Vines and thorns stand in your way
Challenging your destiny
Can you turn your back to them
and find true what you believe?

Find the courage in your soul
To challenge all your fears back
Look into the blazing sun
And continue down your path


Cold, worried, shaken
Whispering voices
Harsh wind against you
Hearing things; noises

Picking up branches
Howling with the moon
Burning in your eyes
But you still must move

Holding yourself back
As the air does bend
These winds are forsaken
And you are near the end