Like the story of an unforgiving childhood

Never stand alone

Fear the dark and unknown

Gather allies

Force yourself to be okay

Wish the day you rot away

Knives stay hidden

Your secrets forbidden

Melancholy existence

Categorized with statistics

Forever she bleeds

Poor soul

Self swallowing hole

Of a life

Take the knife

Slice away until your pain fades to nothing


Eternity she cries

On an unforgiving shoulder

Begging you to hold her

Forever you leave

With no time to see

A smile


Hands melt forever.

Silver fantasies

Blood. Crimson. Scarlet.


Hearts go out to hearts

Never leave my sight


You'll leave me here tonight

Talking but not listening

For my arm the veins are glistening

For you I rip out my insides

Nothing left to hide

Like an unforgiving childhood.