Personal Space

By SocratesAngel

Chloe lights up the room.
A bright reflection of what was and what will never be.
Writteen gracefully under a thousand red and blues.
Dressed up in ego and ready to fight.

A collage of your face taped carefully to wake her from slumber.
From dreams of buzzing rock shows and ferris wheel lyrics lined with black.

Posters cover her thoughts.
Put up to fit in and make some sense.
Messy memories hide history beneath them.

A double "C" could make her cry.
Dissapointing monograms of visions
that won't come true.

Stars shield her from broken hearts she longs to hold close.
Lit up numbers are the only reminder of reality.

Pale skin elluminated against the black of her thoughts,
listening only to sunny days.
A French twist that would have her at hello.