What If?

What if heartfelt emotions could break down barriers?

What if true love could be as strong as an aircraft carrier?

What if instead of trading slaves, we traded oaths of trust?

What if music carried a more powerful message than death and lust?

What if the only kind of race was run in a marathon?

What if beauty wasn't seen in a skimpy top and a thong?

What if ideas shared possibilities for a stronger tomorrow?

What if unity was strong enough to help all of us grow?

What if what I felt for you was a brother's love?

What if what you felt for me was a sibling's love?

What if our hands could work together to help build our future?

What if we chose positive ground instead of negative or neutral?

What if our minds were known as the most feared weapons?

What if it didn't matter who or what that other guy was representing ?

What if we all strove to be the better woman or man?

What if we all gave each other a chance to understand?

What if?

What if?

What if?